Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Media Selection

Are the Republicans really going to allow the media to select their candidate for President for them? I ask this because the media has been pushing Romney as the default leader of the Republican nomination process since 2008. Even as we progressed through this year the media has been pushing for Romney as the nominee. Romney started this year off as the front runner as he was one of the first to enter into the ring. Yet by April, Romney was no longer the front runner and really never again maintained anything that could even be marginally called front runner status as almost every other Republican has taken a stand as the presumptive front runner. From Trump to Bachmann, Perry to Cain, Cain to Gingrich, Gingrich to Paul, and now Paul to Santorum each has taken a lead in Iowa and bounced up Nationally. Romney has not held a National lead in many months. Yet as the Politico reported yesterday, Iowa doesn't matter, Romney will win the nomination. So there you have it the Politico and the liberal media are pronouncing Romney as the nominee without the first vote even being cast. Are we really going to allow the media to selct our nominee for us?

Let there be no doubt that every one of the Republican candidates has flaws. Perry is a poor debater and may not be the most intellectual candidate in the field. Gingrich was unfaithful to his wives, lobbied for Freddie MAC, and sometimes compromised Republican ideals to get important legislation through Congress and signed by a Democratic President. Paul is even more to the left on foreign isolationism than Obama. Bachmann is kind of a firebrand that will say anything to help her cause regardless of the facts. Santorum lost his last election by 18% to a charisma challenged opponent, and backed turncoat Snarlin Arlen for Senate. Romney has Bain capital to worry about and Huntsman is probably the truest moderate and may even be running for the nomination for the wrong party. What all that means is that all of our candidates have flaws. These flaws will be what the media focuses on to defeat the Republican nominee.

The media will help Obama spell out the weaknesses of each of our candidates. It won't matter who is "the most electable" because the media will set out to destroy whoever the Republicans nominate. So if the media is going to trample on the dignity of whoever we nominate, why would we allow them to actually select our candidate for us? See in my opinion, the media sees Romney as the easiest to attack in the general election. They will portray him as a conservative that acts and talks moderate. Romney is a Northeast Republican or a Democrat in almost every other area of the country with the exception of the left coast. The media wants to portray Romney as Obama light. In the case of the media, even if they don't have the power to pull Obama across the finish line, the media will have at least got the most acceptable Republican for liberal ideals elected as President.

No matter what happens in Iowa, Bachmann needs to drop out afterward and endorse either Gingrich or Perry whichever one finishes ahead of the other in Iowa. Than Perry or Gingrich, whichever finishes behind the other must drop out and endorse the other. Santorum regardless of his showing in Iowa will be unable to keep it up through South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada. The only hope of getting a true conservative elected as President Newt of Perry has to be the nominee. Don't worry about the media attacks, the attacks will come no matter who the nominee is. Republicans have never been the favored son of the media. Popular President Reagan never was and still isn't spoken highly of by the media. No matter what the Republican nominee will be attacked by the Obama loving lap dogs in the media, so why allow them to select their favorite candidate to attack for us? There are too many conservatives in the field. After tonight most of them need to drop out so the conservatives can unite behind the "not Romney vote" and move on to the nomination. I will support whoever the nominee is and hope that by my primary in April that the nominee is already well on his or her way. I want the Republicans to unite early and stop trying to win the 2008 election. Funny thing about history, we can't change it, no matter what happens from here on out Obama will have always won the 2008 election. Don't fight that election but rather lets move on with this election. Let's vote for a conservative that can win. In my opinion that is either Gingrich or Perry. These are the only two that can take down Romney. For the sake of the Republican party please rally behind one or the other. One final plea for Gingrich and Perry, whoever is behind the other coming out of Iowa, no matter how close, please drop and endorse the other.

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