Thursday, January 26, 2012

Media Pawns

John King and CNN are really pathetic. Instead of waking up to what really happened during the South Carolina debate, the moderator and network are still trying to save some face over the confrontation. Now the Network is all giddy that Newt was a little misleading when he said he had offered up witnesses that would dispel his ex-wife’s comments. True enough Newt, said it was his daughters and not other witnesses. The problem though is that Newt didn’t win the point because he said he offered witnesses to ABC. Newt won the point when the question was posed by John King.

It was the opening question of the debate. The question was made as an attempt to make Newt look bad and get him on the defensive immediately. In other words it was a “gotcha” question that was an attack on Newt’s character. As I said in earlier posts, this question would have been valid had it come from the audience. It would have been valid at an appropriate time from a voter. It was inappropriate to ask the question as the first one out of the gate.

John King, you lost because the timing of your question was misplaced. People like you and others in the left wing media may think controversy and attacking (in the name of vetting) is appropriate. The issue is people believe the media is biased and slanted. Over 60% percent of America believes the media is biased and a plurality with a split of 47% - 13% believe it slants left. John King is not going to win his point by trying to justify the confrontation as Newt was misleading or ABC started it. That misses the point entirely. John King should just lick his wounds and move on.

The reason Newt won the point and made King look bad is the same reason Juan Williams looked pathetic a few nights in his attempt to push a racism meme. The media seems to have forgotten or lost sight of fact that elections are about the American people and not the media personalities. The debates are not about the media, we don’t care about their opinions or philosophy or ideology. We don’t care if the pathetic pawns believe in liberalism or left wing principles or for that matter if they believe in conservatism or right wing principles, bottom line it is not about the pawns in the media. John King was busted out for trying to sensationalize a non issue. Our economy is in the tank, we have 8.5 % unemployment at a time when the labor participation rate has fallen precipitously. We have an economy that has increased the food stamp program to record levels. We still have obscenely high foreclosure rates. With all of these facts concerning an economy on the brink of collapse and John King believes the first issue should be Newt’s marital problems? I think our country has much more to worry about than unfaithful husbands 15 years ago.

John no matter how you try to save face, you were wrong for asking that first question and no matter how misleading or not Newt may have been concerning his witnesses statements, you were wrong, you were busted for it, and you looked pathetic. Get over it, your ego doesn’t matter to your audience, we didn’t tune in for you, we tuned in to the candidates on stage so we can make appropriate election decisions and your question didn’t help that process one iota.

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