Thursday, January 12, 2012

Matthews: A Deceitful Liar

Chris Matthews is a deceitful liar. No wonder I call the media lapdogs "the pathetic pawns" of the Donkey party. How else can one explain the lies Matthews obviously told when
he claimed there was a mere increase of 13 federal public employees added to the payroll from 2009 to 2010? I mean Matthews shamelessly lies asking rhetorical questions and mocking the Republicans with talk of a leviathan government that merely increased by 13 people. The problem is Matthews knew it was really 13,000. Matthews knows full well that government spending increased over 23% under Obama. Matthews knew and rather than admit his mistake, just changed his his words for the re-airing of his show.

That is the deceitful part. See Matthews got his lies out there. No doubt the brainless left will eat up the idea that only 13 people were added to the federal payroll. By just editing the re-air of his show without admitting there was a mistake is just more propaganda and lies from the pathetic pawns that will do or say anything to get their false messiah elected to a second term.

There was a time that Mr. Tingles thought about running for an open Senate seat in PA. Hopefully, PA will never allow a pathetic pawn, a shameless liar, and deceitful blowhard win an election. Where is the rest of the pathetic pawns? If they wanted to retain what little credibility they have left (if any) they should be all over the air in their news and analysis shows pointing out how Matthews is a deceitful liar. Matthews is tarnishing every pathetic pawn in the media. Unless the other pathetic pawns point out this grievous lie they are no better than Matthews. MSNBC should not be allowed to air bogus lies and cover them up without a retraction or correction. Matthews is nothing more than a deceitful liar that will do nothing but further the propaganda of his left wing pathetic organization.

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