Monday, January 9, 2012

The Juvenile Administration

The Obama administration issues more excuses than any I have ever seen. Exactly like adolescent children, this administration never accepts responsibility and always passes the blame onto someone else. See it is never their fault when things go wrong and again like the juvenile adolescent they will always take credit for when things go right.

Take for example the DNC chair saying the bankruptcy of Solyndra is not Obama's fault. After all he is not the CEO and it is the CEO responsibity for making the decisions that either lead to viability or bankruptcy. Yet when Obama heralded Solyndra as a shining example of his green energy policies we only heard how awesome it was for Obama to be considering alternative energy sources and investing our monbey inbto them. Yet when it fails Obama is the first to blame someone else. It is kind of like when Obama said "the Republicnas didn't do anything and won't work with him on the economy back in early 2010. When it looked like maybe the economy was going to turn around (job creation through temporary census jobs) Obama was more than willing to take credit for the economic turn around and blame the previous administration for the mess. When the economy didn't turn around, Obama, rather than take responsibility for his failed stimulus package, Obama was back to blaming the Republicans.

This administration is very juvenile. Obama is planning on running the most negative presidential campaign for an incumbent in years. See Obama has no successes in his repretoire. His record is one of dismal failure. he is left to surrogates like the DNC chair to find the strawmen and blame lines for his failures. Obama has never and will never take any responsibility. His is a juvenile attitude that if only everyone else understood how smart he was then all would be right in the world. Obama can't run on his record, he can only run on the politics of fear and destruction. Obama will be the first one to claim racism. Obama will be the first to play class warfare, Obama will be the first to divide a Nation, and Obama will be the first to blame everyone else. If the partisans on the left would just take a step back and look for Obama's accomplishments instead of believing in his words they would see a juvenile, that believes nothing is his fault, that takes credit for the work of others, and believes that he alone is the smartest in any room. Obama is not a healer, Obama is not transparent, Obama is not the messiah the pathetic pawns in the media would have all of us believe. Just take a look at his actions rather than his words. Obama through his actions has shown that his words are as empty as his suit. Let there be no doubt Obama has a juvenile administration.

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