Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jobs Versus Public Dole

Obama today killed the Keystone pipeline and with it an estimated 20,000 jobs. These 20,000 jobs were not just some low paying service industry but rather good paying union jobs. Obama speaks about investing in infrastructure yet killed a project that would help rebuild a portion of American infrastructure. America would have been investing in in energy production in this country. Yet Obama believes miraculously that having people receiving Unemployment benefits produce more jobs than this project would have.

Here we are a nation with a debt greater than our GDP and Obama has the audacity to believe that yet again extending unemployment benefits is better than actually producing jobs. See the government could have saved some money on unemployment benefits for 20,000 people and allowed them to work for good wages that would have produced even more jobs. These jobs don't require the government to spend a dime as the project was going to be privately funded.Obama sold our country out to the Chinese in favor of a couple of votes from environmentalists. Obama in his infinite wisdom chose his failed trickle up economics rather than go with a project that would have had an immediate impact on the unemployment rate and perhaps allowed the non temporary temporary extension of unemployment benefits. See the smart one in the room doesn't believe in private industry, he only believes in Government knows best. Only government spending will get us out of the hole we are in.

This is a decision that will lead America down its current path of self destruction. Anyone that believes it is better to have people on the public dole rather than have a real job that earns real money, needs to be in an asylum for the criminally insane rather than the Oval Office. Every American should be very afraid of a President that is unwilling to do what is right for America for fear that they may not be reelected. All I know is we need jobs Mr. President and not the indirect low paying and service industry jobs that are maintained through Unemployment benefits.

That's right, an extension of unemployment benefits will not create one new job. Any of the indirect jobs that are created by extended unemployment benefits were created under the first law that extended the benefits. Any extension only maintains those jobs. All that happens with the Presidents logic is America will go further in debt and maintain the exact same jobs position we are currently in. The 20,000 new jobs would have also created even more indirect jobs as the newly employed had even more money to spend than they would have with unemployment benefits.

Having a job brings pride of having earned an income. The public dole creates shame in those receiving the benefits and does nothing for the person except make them even more dependent on Government handouts. There is a reason why Newt calls the President the "food stamp" President and its not because of racism; it decisions like these and the thought process that unemployment benefits are better than actually working.

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