Sunday, January 22, 2012

GOP establishment Scared

After Newt won the South Carolina primary last night, I heard Brit Hume state that the establishment Republicans would be on the warpath against Newt because his negatives were high and this scares the Congress critters. Today I see that perhaps the tactics the establishment plans to use are coming to light. According to RED State's Erick Erickson, the establishment is going to seek donations for Santorum so he may be enabled to go on the attack against Gingrich.

The establishment does not want Santorum to win though. The establishment is backing Mitt Romney. But the establishment needs an attack dog other than Romney. The establishment doesn't want Romney to get his hands dirty with negative campaigning but would rather have Santorum do the dirty work to ensure Romney wins the nomination. Certainly, I hope Santorum sees this for what it is and doesn't fall for the dirty establishment trick. I wonder what besides propping up Santorums campaign with money the establishment plans for Santorums future? Besides making Santorum the lapdog that ends up keeping the conservative split between himself and Newt, what does the establishment plan to promise Santorum for him to become the Huckabee of 2008? Santorm needs to drop out and not keep the conservatives split. Santorum may have won Iowa but he lived there for months on end. Santorum may have won Iowa but the momentum has worn off and Santorum is running third or fourth out of four. Newt has the momentum for the conservatives and the only way for Santorum to rise is negative campaigning against Newt. In the end there is no path for Santorum to win. All Santorum can do by staying in the race is hand the nomination to Romney.

We need a change in Washington. The Republican establishment and Congress critters deserve to be scared. There is a reason why their approval rating is around 13% and it has nothing to do with Newt. The Congress is at 13% because they have forgotten who they work for. To most of the career politicians the voters are nothing but an inconvenience. The voters get in the way of siphoning taxpayer dollars and providing those dollars to their cronies. Romney is a Northeast Republican meaning he is far more like Scott Brown than he is Rick Santorum. We do not stand a chance of getting our fiscal house in order with a Fiscal moderate or liberal in the White House. Get over it establishment GOP and stay out of the Primary selection process. We don't need you bribing the third place finisher to become the attack dog on the winner of SC. Romney is still the front runner in delegate count not Newt. Rallying behind the conservative front runner is better to unite the party than allowing Santorum to attack his fellow conservative allowing a Northeast moderate to walk away with the prize.

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