Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today was a good day for Newt Gingrich. With Perry dropping out and endorsing Gingrich will only help solidify the "not Romney" voters. From the polls today it appears the race is tightening in South Carolina with 4 polls (PPP, Augusta Chronicle, Rasmussen, and ARG) showing Gingrich with a lead. The Perry endorsement has to help Gingrich as I believe it will strengthen the resolve of Gingrich supporters to drive on. I believe the Gingrich support will be strong and unwavering while Romney is looking less electable everyday.

I believe Perry dropping out is the right decision. Perry had his supporters but after a disastrous entry into the race with a few misstatements and poor debate performances seemed to doom his campaign. While Perry looked stronger lately I think it was too late. Had it been Perry who got the second look rather than what appears to be a second look towards Gingrich I would have switched my support from Newt to Perry.

In the end I think the country could do far worse than a Newt/Perry ticket. Yes, I do believe that Perry has been promised the VP slot on the ticket. For Republicans wavering on Gingrich support I say this, Newt can and will debate Obama and win those debates. Newt as House speaker debated a sitting President to a draw. This is somewhat unheard of. The bully pulpit is a powerful tool all President have at their disposal and Newt was able to sit on a stage with Bill Clinton and debate the Contract for America.

I am not sure who Romney would select as VP but rest assured it won't be Rick Perry. It probably wouldn't be Marco Rubio and it probably wouldn't be Bob McDonnell. Romney is a moderate, a northeastern Rockefeller type Republican. Romney is going to have a difficult time winning over conservatives and would need a strong conservative on the ticket to have a chance in the general. I have no doubt Romney would be better than Obama, but I also believe Republicans can win with a more conservative ticket. By Sunday I expect Santorum will drop out and follow Perry with a Newt endorsement. Gingrich/Perry is a winning ticket that is capable bringing all three legs of the Republican stool together in unified support. Newt has proven he can take a punch. Under withering attacks by Romney in Iowa, Newt is still in position to win the nomination. After Iowa the media and political pundits called Newt angry and was wondering what he was doing with his attacks on Romney and his Bain days. Now it certainly looks like Newt wasn't angry and while the Bain attacks may have been an attack on Capitalism they also showed that Romney isn't as electable as the media would lead us to believe. Thank You Rick Perry, I think you made the right decision for your country.

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