Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich Wins SC

The SC primary was called immediately as the polls closed in SC. Gingrich wins and it must have been a fairly comfortable win. From Fox News it appears that Gingrich won among conservatives, evangelicals, independents, and late deciders. In a race that has proven volatile with many candidates moving up and down in the polls it appears that Newt is catching a bit of momentum with a second look from the voters.

My thoughts are that it would have been better had the Republicans selected their heir apparant sooner rather than later. From the look of it now that is now a mute point as with three States in there have been three different winners. Having a longer primary does help in organization. As long ass the candidates are chasing each other the State level party officials are able to get their ground game up and running. Selecting early would have left little interest in voters and the ground game would have been in shambles come convention time. I still think perhaps a brokered convention may be the best thing that could happen for the Republican party.

A brokered convention is able to select any candidate they so chose. It doesn't even have to be someone that is already running. There may yet be time to run another candidate, especially if Newt's marital infidelity begins to again bring him down in the polls. Let there be no doubt Mitt Romney is preparing to go very negative on Newt. I know the Republican establishment is behind Mitt. In a normal election it may indeed be Mitt's turn. However, I believe this election is much bigger than we could ever imagine. Obama bury us in the ditch he so effectively slammed us into. While Mitt may have economical designs far superior to Obama , I don't think he is the Social conservative he makes himself out to be.

I like Newt and have been pushing for him for awhile now. I think he is a better conservative and far more electable than is Santorum. Gingrich can and beat Obama in any debate. Gingrich isfully capable of winning but is damaged because of his marital problems that will keep cropping up every time the left wing pathetic pawns thinks it will help their messiah. I'd like Newt for President but for that to happen Mitt needs to lay off and win on substantive issues and not dwell on the issues that wil divide Republicans. The Bain attacks may have been over the top but than again so were Romney's ads in Iowa. Republicans need to stay away from personal attacks and campaign in a positive manner. However, if in the end Republicans can't choose and the candidates bloody each other to badly maybe a brokered convention will be able to heal the party and find the electable candidate that will beat Obama in November. Just remember the only thing that is a must win is the contest between a strong and prosperous America and the socialist America Obama is trying to establish.

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