Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fast and Loose With Facts

On Friday it seems that Nina Totenberg of NPR was very fast and loose with her facts. Totenberg claimed there were more people on food stamps under the Bush administration than currently under Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. To top off her little falsehood (really she was lying through her teeth for her liberal audience), she claimed that it is Newt Gingrich who is playing fast and loose with the facts. So let me lay out a few facts for the liberal left that is eating up the pathetic pawn sycophant Totenberg.

First there were under 35 million participants in the SNAP program at the end of the recession ( a Full 6 months under Obama that I will use as the worst Bush year). Today there are in the neighborhood of 45.8 million participants in the program. This is a record all time high and means that fully 15% of the country is collecting food stamps. Sorry Nina it is not racist to point out that President Obama is the food stamp President, just look at the facts.

Second, Newt calling Obama the food stamp President is reality. No spin in the world is going to change the fact that more people are on food stamps today than ever before. Nothing is going to change the fact that trickle up economics is ever going to work. So where is the racism? It wasn't Newt that said African Americans that are a higher percentage than whites on food stamps. That is the left trying to put words in Newt's mouth to undermine facts. The problem is that the real racists sit there on the left. The left wing elitists like Totenberg are the ones that believe minorities are disproportionately the ones utilizing the food stamp program. It is the left like Bill Moyer that believe that African Americans are the ones that are predominately poor in this country. It is people like Andrea Mitchell that push the racism meme and put words in Republicans mouths for supporting school work programs for the youth of America. Sorry I don't think it is racism to provide opportunity.

In my heart of hearts I have to believe that the poor want jobs to earn a living. They don't chose to be poor and when given a choice between receiving government handouts or a job to earn a living, most Americans would chose to earn a living. The whole "Unemployment checks create more jobs than anything else the government could do" meme is hurting America. It will make Americans less likely to be ambitious and less likely to take risks. The food stamp president needs these people to always remain poor to keep them voting for the handouts.

The Food Stamp president is making this country worse off than she should be. The right answer is not to make everyone poor but to make an economic environment that where everyone has opportunity. For see if everyone has opportunity and more people are rising up the socio-economic ladder than less people will vote for the liberals. The pathetic pawns that make up their own facts (Totenberg) only desire to make everyone poorer so to keep the utopian, government knows elitists in power. So please Nina get your facts straight and stop with your bias towards the elitists. You are a reporter that should be impartial and report facts. Stop sensationalizing everything as being racist. Wake up and take a look around; Obama is the food stamp President and his trickle up economics are a dismal failure.

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