Friday, January 27, 2012

Fairness or Envy?

social justice and economic fairness are the platform of the Food Stamp President. Of course Obama want to blame Bush but the fact is under Obama the food stamp program has over 46 million participants and is going. This represent an increase of 45% from where it was under Bush. Is the trickle up economics what we really want?

The last quarter saw our GDP grow at an initial estimate of 2.8%. For the year, that is increases the GDP to a whopping 1.7%. The 4th quarter GDP is being pushed as good news for the President. Yet, the increase this quarter seems to be due largely to increased inventory and not demand. This is not a good economic indicator, rather the slight gain this quarter barely is over what is needed to keep up with a growing populous. In 2010, we had a GDP of 3.0%. The second year out of a recession should be booming, yet in 2011 the GDP growth slipped by almost half. Yet Obama is pursuing goodies for his strongest 2008 supporters and more of the same gimmicks that provided the stagnant economy.

So now Obama wants everyone to be treated fair. Obama's policies will only make everyone poorer. My daughter last night for her part relayed this story to me that perfectly represents the socialist model that Obama is pushing as economic fairness. Here is the story:

A professor decided to try out Obama's model. The professor that decided that everyone would receive the same grade out of fairness. All of the points earned by students would be tallied and divided equally for all the students. The results of the first test came out and the students seemed satisfied as they all received a "B". everything seemed to be going well, sure those that studied harder had a beef in that there grade was lowered to "B" after earning an "A" but most were satisfied. Yet the results of the second test were even more revealing. After grading the second exam and dividing equally every student earned a lowly "D" for their efforts.

See what happened there? In the second test the higher performing students decided it wasn't worth studying if their grades were going to be a shade lower to bring up the poorly performing students. Yet it wasn't only the higher performing students that performed less it was almost the whole class. The middle also had to stop performing to lower from a "B" to a "D". We can see that happening in the economy now. Obama's tax the rich mantra has investors and businesses sitting on an estimated $2 trillion dollars. See the people with money are investing less because they fear that Obama will shave there hard earned profits to give away to those precious people Obama needs to win election. Instead of making everyone richer Obama is making everyone poorer.

The state of decline for the poor will be slower than the rich but everyone will be in a state decline. Of course after a few cycles of taxing the rich and making the rich fall precipitously to a more "fair" share will only reduce the government coffers to provide for the poor even further so the poor will fall by the wayside. The trickle up economics model from Obama will only result in a declining America. See it is not fairness but envy that is the driving class warfare going on. It is not fair to take from the hard working and risk takers to payoff the weak performers and moochers. Just like the "A" students decided it wasn't fair that there hard work resulted in lower grades. What happened the "A" became "C" students and "C" Students became failing students. Envy is the root of many evils. Envying the rich in the name of fairness will only result in everyone being poorer. Americans want equal opportunity not economic fairness. Americans want everyone to be prosperous not everyone to become poor. Stop the politics of envy it can't possibly result in a liberal utopia.

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