Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Democrat Temper Tantrum

Yesterday Wisconsin Democrats turned in what they claim is a million signatures for the Scott Walker recall effort. In light of the claims of fraudulent signatures the Democrats may need all 1 million just to have enough signatures to move forward. However, my issue is notthe fraud and money spent by unions and democrats to oust Walker, its that they are going the recall route at all.

Think about it, Scott Walker did exactly what he said he would do if electd. Scott Walker saved the Wisconsin taxpayer money and brought an out of control Democratic spending machine into some kind of order and balance. Yet because the get rich quick union schemes were called out and unions now have to collect thir owns dues, the Democrats are attempting to ignore the results of the last election and have a new one in hopes that Wisconsin turns Walker away.

Having come from Wisconsin, I hope a majority believe as I do, that the democrats and unions are just throwing a temper tantrum. The democrats already shirked their responsibility by running away rather than debate. The democrats can't stand being out of power and don't know how to act when in the minority. Hopefully the average Wisconsin voter knows this is nothing more than the democratic machine attempting to buy an election and buy a majority in the Wisconsin legislature. Unions across the nation have poured millions into this recall effort of Republicans. The 6 recall election last year plus this one are costing Wiscoonsin taxpayers 10's of millions of dollars. Maybe instead of costing the Wisconsin taxpayers for recall elections, democrats and unions could have better improved their image by spending the money more wisely on debate. If the democrats do indeed have enough signatures to move towards an election process, I hope Wisconsin sends a resounding get lost vote to the Democrats who are not in politics for the people but only for their corrupt cronies. Don't stand for the temper tantrum Wisconsin, send the whiney children back to their room; their Illinois hotel room that is.

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