Friday, January 20, 2012


There is a buzz in conservative circles concerning the inadequacies concerning debate questions and moderators from the democrat lap dogs in the media. Over the course of 16 debates the most glaring problem with the debates is the media bias. For the most part the moderators don't ask substantive policy type questions but rather as attack type questions meant to make Republicans appear extreme. Stephanopoulos' hypothetical contraception question in New Hampshire is one such example. The question was a "gotcha" question attempting to make christian conservatives appear out of the mainstream. Last night, the first question asked was a question towards an attack on the morales of Newt Gingrich aimed at alienating christian conservatives.

Does Newt need to be asked to explain the he said she said marital infidelities that Newt is famous for? Absolutely, but it doesn't need to be asked by a media type that is more interested in undermining any republican candidate. Had this question been asked by someone in the audience or sent in as a question by viewers than it would have become the right forum and place. However to come out of the gate trying to take a candidate down is flat out wrong.

I think Newt handled the question appropriately by dressing down the moderator. Yet John King kept going at each of the candidates from the left. King even added a liberal spin to one of the audience questions turning it from a fairly innocent conservative question into how does this help the left type question. Someone should tell the media lapdogs that being a moderator in Republican debates does not mean a democratic standin point of view.

This liberal spin in Republican debates has been atrocious. Rather than bring out Republican ideas and solutions, all the liberal moderators seem to do is spin the questions that is aimed at improving Obama's chances rather than aimed at nominating a Republican. The debate question should be largely aimed towards the Republican base and aimed at the differences between Republican candidate ideas and Democrat ideas. The moderator should be appealing to the audience which is the base of the Republican party and not the typical CNN liberal viewer. I hope all of the Republican candidates follow Newt's lead and go on the offensive against biased moderators who want to go about selecting the Republican nominee that they believe will be the easiest for Obama to beat.

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