Friday, January 27, 2012


The pundits from all sides seem to agree that Romney is again the front runner and appears to have sealed up the nomination after last night debate. The media pundits also agree that Santorum was the winner of last nights debate. SO how is it that Romney wins by losing? The answer is collusion my friends. The establishment has decided they do not want Newt Gingrich to be President. The elitists have decided that Romney has to be the nominee in order to have an appealing Presidential election between Obama and Romney. The elitists have decided that they the 1% among us have decided Romney is the choice whether we like it or not.

Now if we look at last night's debate, Santorum won hands down. There was no other way to look at, Santorum made both Gingrich and Romney look petty and small. Santorum stole Gingrich's thunder by slamming the media before Gingrich had the opportunity. Santorum criticized not only the media for allowing the debate to get out of hand but also the candidates for bickering back and forth about peripheral concerns that have little if any bearing on how to fix a Nation that is on the wrong track. Santorum cleaned everyone's clock with one smart line that changed the direction and tone of the debate.

Gingrich did not have a great night, but he did manage to salvage some respect by agreeing with Santorum. Gingrich made a pledge that all candidates including himself stop with the petty attacks on each other and move onto the issues. Gingrich was able to defend his proposals well including his space exploration initiative. I'm not sure we can afford his proposal or even if the use of gimmicks (prizes) is worth even pursuing. Yet, Gingrich at least has an idea about space that goes beyond having NASA charged with glorifying the input to science from the Arab culture. Bottom line with the space proposals is Newt caught his opponents off guard with it and also proves Newt thinks outside the box. I believe the only way out of the doldrums and get us off the destructive path we are on is to change the paradigm within the Washington Group think.

Mitt Romney couldn't help himself. He was only prepared last night to attack Newt at every turn. It was obvious that his lesson learned from SC was to go on the attack against Newt. Romney didn't learn to tap into the despise the Republicans have for the media instead focused his venom and anger on Gingrich. Romney did come across as angry and let's face it unlike Newt when he is angry, Romney his emotion on his sleeve. The angry and attacking candidate is what Romney wanted to portray. When the debate changed direction Romney had to get in his last jab and then could only attack Newt rather than debate the issues. Additionally, Romney looked very out of touch when he didn't know what his own campaign ads were saying. When checked by CNN and informed that the ad was indeed an attack ad from his campaign, Romney had to even ask the context of the comments as he couldn't even stand behind what the ads said because he didn't even know the reference. Romney took third place last night and it wasn't even a close third.

Ron Paul debated good last night in that he was able to campaign for his base of support. He didn't say or do anything that would bring in more supporters. I liked some of Paul's witty comments. Paul has some good ideas and I hope he has enough delegates at the convention to at least get some of his economic solutions into the discussion.

Now with Romney coming in a distant third and looking angry and petty last night why is it he is all of a sudden in great shape to win. Again the answer is collusion. The meme of the day is Newt didn't do enough to win the debate last night to knock Romney out. Santorum for his part doesn't have the money to compete. The media refuses to even broach the idea that Romney looked wounded, scared, petty, and worst of all angry. This is unlike when Newt went on the offensive after Iowa. See all Newt had to say is that he was going to take the fight to Romney and all of sudden Newt was an angry candidate. Romney refuses to back off his attack lines even after a call for civility and somehow he is the big winner by losing last night? This is an elitist attack on the process, we no longer really have choices or even votes. The elitists will pump as much money into Florida as possible just to ensure the 1% get the nominee they choose.

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