Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Case Against Obama

The President yesterday violated the constitution by parsing words and making a recess appointment even though technically the Senate is still in session. My advice to Republicans is to not play into Obama's hand. The Republicans should cry foul and during every interview and every speaking engagement make sure it is pointed out that Obama violated the constitution and illegally made a recess appointment. In the end, however, don't play too much into Obama's hands and let the Republican nominee's point out how Obama is more interested in playing politics, getting re-elected, and establishing a socialist state than he is in governing.

The Republicans should remember that in 10 short months we will be having an election. The prospects are good for keeping the house and winning the Senate. At a minimum, I believe America will keep government divided. To me it seems likely that Americans will turn the keys over to the Republican's in full but even if Obama retains his office, Obama will be a lame duck with a hostile Congress. In a year from know Republicnas's can play the same games the Democrats have over the last 4 years.

Republicans will have the opportunity to change the filibuster rules just like the democrats and liberals begged for in 2010. Republican's can defund Obama's Czar's and ensure people like Corday do not have enough money to receive a salary let alone fund their bureau's. Republicnas will be in position to jam everything down Obam's throat just like the democrats did to the republicans. Republicna's can filibuster all of Obama's court appointments. Republicans will be in position to shut down the most marxist president we have ever been unfortunate enough to elect.

The Republican nominees have their talking points. Build the case that Obama doesn't care about the voters but rahter just his own political hide and his political party. The case to make is easy. Obama just violated the constitution. Obama is for individual mandates to purchase a product for no other reason than we are born. Obama is making regualtions to bypass the rule of law. Obama is using the EPA to overrule common sense. Remember it was Obama that bypassed Congress and fought a war in Libya that has left a secular Nation in peril. Sure Libya was liberated from a dictator, but is it going to any better off with Muslim fundamentalists ruling it. Obama wants a fight against Congress, don't give him the fight. Take Obama's actions in stride.

Republicans in Congress need to just allow Obama to parade around like a dictator. Obama is not above the law but don't chase the carrot, look out for the big picture, let the nominees contrast their policies with Obama's. Congress should not take the fight on. Obama can not run on his record, he needs a fight with Congress to have any prayer of winning in November. All the Republican's should do is point out that Obama is running amok and bypassing Congress with everything. Point out he violates the rule of law. Point out that Obama believes he doesn't have to abide by the voters intent. Point out that it is Obama that is uncompromising. Point out that it is Obama that is out of ideas. Just don't fall into the trap of allowing Obama to make this a election against Congress. This election has to be about the Presidency and the direction of the country.

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