Saturday, January 28, 2012

Careful Mitt

Mitt had best tread very carefully. Right now Mitt has gone all in and is attacking Newt falsely and otherwise. Having a campaign run attack ad and not knowing it is airing , let alone knowing if the attack is even true shows the lengths that you will use to purchase the nomination. Worse than not knowing the attacks a candidate is running is the fact that Mitt is very misleading in his attacks on Newt's ethics charges. As explained already in the debates, the ethics charges were trumped up by a political party out of power. Newt was exonerated of all charges and what we all should understand is the minority party trumped up charges just to make the Republican Speaker and the Republican party look unethical as the minority party attempted to gain favor with the American electorate just so they could again come into power.

These atatcks may be working to win the Florida primary. The attacks may or may not be enough to bury Newt. However, Newt is receiving over 30% of the vote. Newt will have significant numbers in Florida and should Santorum drop out before or even after Florida, Newt will still be formidable. Mitt, should you go on to win the nomination, you are going to have to rally all Republicans including the Newt supporters. Without the support of the conservatives, Mitt has no chance. Everyone knows Mitt is a moderate. A moderate is sometimes good for the country, but a Republican candidate that is moderate that can not energize the conservative vote has no chance in November. Mitt this is a political campaign and you have made it personal. By making it personal, you are making this campaign for the nomination emotional. While I highly doubt Conservatives could stomach voting for Obama, certainly they would consider staying home. You can't win without the conservatives. Be careful Mitt because when even the liberal media believes you attacks are out of bounds, you are on the verge of alienating the very voters you need to win the general election. Bottom line you can not win by resorting to the tactics of the left. While this tactic seemed to work in 2008 with Obama ultimately winning the nomination and the general election, the times were very different. A democrat was going to win the 2008 election there was never any doubt. In 2012, there is an incumbent President and there is no certainty that the Republican will or even can win, Alienate Newt's supporters at your own peril. Be careful Mitt, the backlash could very well vanquish you to the dust bin of history. Should you win the nomination and lose the general, you will come to feel the wrath of the grass roots Republicans.

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