Monday, January 9, 2012

Brokered Convention

Perhaps the best thing that could happen for the Republican Party is to have a brokered convention. Perhaps in the end, nominating "none of the above" is the best course of action. Right now, we know the presumed front runner is having difficulty consolidating gains and garnering a clear mandate from the Republican electorate. Romney is not the choice of many outside the party establishment. There is concern about his authenticity. We have MSNBC saying Romney is the candidate that most feared by Obama. We have a clear majority of Republicans that want someone other than Romney to win.

Romney barely gets above 30% in most states if at all. From the latest polls it appears Romney will not even gather 40% in New Hampsire tomorrow. This is problematic. New Hampshire should be a bedrock of support for Romney. New Hampshire while having a history of voting Republican is still a North Eastern State that is more moderate and independent than the general Republican electorate. This is exactly the type of voters Romney should appeal to if he has any chance to become Presidnet of the United States. Romney is a Rockafeller Republican and not a Reagan Conservative. yet even in New Hampshire Romney is having problems being the clear cut choice for the nominee.

The problem is that Romney gained momentum out of Iowa. So did Santorum, but by the looks of the environment that was a short lived bounce and as Santorum is more closely scrutinized seems to be falling in the polls again. Yet Santorum's loss of momentum is not necessarily going to Romney. It is clear Republicnas want someone other than Romney.

Another problem with Romney that Republicans should take note of is that the pathetic pawns in the media prefer Mitt over any other candidate. The media has been pushing Mitt since 2008, always calling him the presumptive front runner. Now we have MSNBC saying Mitt is the one candidate that scares Obama. The pathetic pawns and especially MSNBC are not going to lay out a path to victory for the Republican party. Let's be honest, does anyone really believe MSNBC would come out honestly and tell us what the juvenile Obama adminstration fears? I have to agree with Sarah Palin, Romney is the clear choice of the pathetic pawns of media. The pathetic pawns want Romney to win as they believe he is the easiset to attack. Romney is the establishment candidate. Romney and his $10,000 wager show how out of touch he is with mainstream America. Romney plays right into the class warfare rhetoric that Obama plans to use in the election. Let there be no doubt that Romney will be a wounded candidate if he should win the nomination outright. Bain capital with the layoffs will be fodder for Obama. The $10,000 bet will be fodder for Obama. Romney's Wall Street connections will be fodder for Obama. Romney's life of privilege will be fodder for Obama. Romney may be able to overcome these circumstances but should he be the nominee, Republicans will be playing right into Obama's hand. We will play right into the Oama campaign theme and motto. The life of privilege, the out of touch mentality, and the cruelty of layoffs will be the class warfare Democrats have been waiting for.

By the looks of things the overwhelming majority of Republicnas have yet to decide for Mitt. Mitt hasn't solidified his front runner status. The "not Romney" has not solidified around a single candidate. There may not be enough time for the conservative base to solidify around a single "not Romney" unless that happens by the end of the month when Florida votes. I don't believe Romney is a good choice right now and we need an alternative. If the alternative can't win enough delegates to be the clear cut nominee going into the convention, I think we need to ensure Mitt does not have that either. Perhaps having a dark horse candidate, maybe one that is not currently in the race is what is needed. Obama will start spending his mney this spring and he wants an identifiable candidate to begin attacking.

Obama wants to be able to attack all spring leaving the Republican candidate for dead long before the convention starts. Obama has huge sums of dollars to spend and if we have a wounded candidate short on cash, Obama will be able to bury his opponent before we even begin. Having a brokered convention for the first time since 1952 or having the first winner of the presidential election after a brokered convention may be the best thing that could happen for the Republican party.

In the unlikely event there is a brokered convention, I would hope that none of the above (meaning current cnadidates) wins the brokered convention. A dark horse that isn't even running yet. Why not a fresh face like Mike Pence. How about Chris Christie that many donors have clamored for? There are candidates that are out there. It may be difficult to set up the ground game to win such an election. Yet the last time our country had just this sort of financial and economic crisis that is exactly what happened. FDR won a brokered convention in 1932 and beat a wounded incumbent. I believe again this is one such historic moment that requires something out of the ordinary. America needs a change of direction. I don't believe Romney will change the direction and we already know Obama is incapable of changing an has no new ideas. I don't know but something tells me a brokered convention maybe the best thing that could happen for the GOP this year.

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