Monday, January 23, 2012

Attack Dogs

Newt Gingrich must have struck a nerve with the political elites with his win in South Carolina. Newt was declared dead and gone last spring when his entire staff up and left, eventually joining Perry's campaign. Newt overcame the odds and became the odds on favorite for Iowa in November. Under heavy attacks from Mitt, the Newt campaign withered. Newt fell not only in Iowa but nationally as well as the attacks went mostly unanswered as Newt attempted to take the high road and didn't stoop to meet the negative campaign tactic employed by Mitt. So Newt went on the offensive and all of a sudden the left wing media propagandist started pushing the angry Newt meme. Alas with the fall of Newt again the political establishment on both the left and right declared Newt dead in the water. Yet with two tremendous debate performances in South Carolina, Newt was able to resurrect himself yet again. By going on the offensive against the liberal lapdogs posing as moderators, Newt was able to cast himself as a political outsider. If there was ever a year for being a political outsider this is the year. Americans want someone that is not tied at the hip to Washington. Americans want someone to turn Washington on its head. Americans by almost 3-1 believe America is on the wrong track. We have a Congress with a 13% approval rating. We have a President with an approval rating of 46%, well under the 50% he needs for reelection. No one in Washington is popular and there is not only disgust with the politicians but also distrust in our governmental institutions. Americans want the change Obama once promised. Americans want hope that Obama has failed to deliver. Americans want change and Newt has been able to attack the very system that has made him who he is.

Maybe Newt is the candidate that can rally Republicans and beat Obama. Newt has been able to ignite excitement, garnering more applause lines and standing ovations from the debate audiences than any other candidate. Newt has been able to turn the media on its head as he dresses the liberal lapdogs down for their disdain towards Republican philosophies. Newt has become the outsider Americans seek. Through all the attacks from the media and other Republicans, Newt has become an underdog of sorts and Americans do so love their underdogs.

There is no doubt Newt has tapped into something that the establishment politicos fear. Newt has managed to strike fear into the elitists around the country. Newt through his feigned anger towards the media propagandists, has pitted the establishment against himself and that is the position every candidate should be aiming for in a year when it will be the establishment on trial. When MSNBC goes forward with outright lies to claim that Newt's "food stamp President" are thinly veiled racial comments we know it is Newt they fear and not Romney. When every political pundit from Fox, to ABC, to NBC, to CBS, push the Newt is unelectable meme you know he struck a nerve. When the media elite set out to destroy a candidate by making false claims and sensationalize Newt's marital issues, you know he has become a Republican winning the populist mantel that Obama so desperately needs to win in November.

Ever since Newt was handed a resounding win in South Carolina, he has been attacked from the left and the right. Newt has been attacked from the establishment and the elitists. Newt is striking the right chords, the American institutions are in rebellion at the thought of Newt making sweeping changes in the way government works. It must be said that if everyone in Washington is anger, something must be being done right. The elitists are saying Newt can't win; Newt doesn't have the discipline; Newt doesn't have the organization; Newt doesn't have money to win. Yet Newt has won South Carolina and by the polls of today leading in Florida. Newt currently is doing what Santorum couldn't out Iowa and that is push his momentum. I am not sure if Newt can maintain for another 8 days or not but one thing is for certain, Newt has become the anti establishment candidate. Unless Romney can recapture the imagination of the voting public he is in trouble. Mitt's stealth campaign that is of the mindset that its "his turn" isn't working. Americans aren't looking for the establshment to tell us "Who's turn" it is, but rather want an anti establishment candidate that will change how Washington works.

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