Thursday, December 20, 2012

Culture of Violence

In the wake of the massacre at a New Town, CT, elementary school, we the American public are seeing how the left really thinks. The liberals in this country will always blame the little things. For all of their talk and bluster, they are narrow minded and shallow in their way of thinking. The American left scolds law abiding citizens. The American left scolds everyone that feels different than they do. See the American left don't like guns, in the left's mind guns equal violence. The liberals like Don Lemon even cut off people during interviews for pointing out that guns are not synonymous with violence. The liberals are small minded with small ideas. In my opinion, the shooting in CT had more to do with the culture we live in than it does guns. Guns happened to be the tool that was used but was not the cause. We are a culture where the left continuously destroys the moral fabric that is America. The American left hates religion and has set out to destroy it. However, it is religion that teaches us right from wrong. Religion is a tool that keeps the masses within societal norms. The left would ridicule any religious belief not understanding that without some sort of societal moral fabric we become no better than Sodom and Gomorrah. Whether one believes in the bible in the literal sense or not, it is the story that tells the problem. Sodom and Gomorrah were cities devoid of morals. Humankind had become evil and had no sense of right from wrong. The cities partied and the people did exactly what they wanted or desired with no moral compass leading the way. The bible says God destroyed the cities, very well, it is also just as easy to understand the story. Two cities run awry of any common decency, the cities rotted from within due to moral decay. It doesn't take a "great thinker" to understand that we must have a sense of right and wrong in order to live together. Yet our liberal educated genius' have decided to ignore our social failings and moral decay and instead focus on the tool someone used to massacre children at an elementary school. There is no way a liberal would ever blame our entertainment industry, even though Hollywood thrives on movies with violence. All of the box office hits seem to have a predominant theme of violence. Of course the inner city drug business doesn't have anything to do with violence. If a liberal was to admit that the inner city drug trade was a part of our cultural decline would be to admit that their social programs simply don't work.The video game industry couldn't be to blame either, even though, the most popular games are about killing and rampaging. Nope the only thing the shallow thinking left can seem to come up with is guns. Ban guns and then no one has to worry our schools will be safe. Really? I guess a ban on guns would prevent the daily violence that happens in our inner cities. I guess a ban on guns would have prevented the Ft. Hood terrorist. I guess a ban on guns would have prevented the terrorist from flying plane's into the World trade Center twin towers. See we won't stop the violence by banning guns. All a ban on guns does is keep honest people honest. A ban on guns will not prevent the nut cases from killing others. A ban on guns will not keep our streets safe from the thugs. A ban on guns will not fix the moral decay we are experiencing. See the government can't do everything for us. I don't want the liberals destroying the institutions that are necessary for communities to thrive and turn that responsibility over to the bureaucrats. Government is not supposed to take away the rights of the people to protect the few. It is supposed to look at the big picture an ensure laws are supposed to protect all the people or makes the lives of all the people better and not just the isolated few that are the lefts most faithful voters. It is easier for the shallow thinkers on the left to blame a tool rather than a cause. They are emotional and only think for the moment. Liberals claim to be the smart ones but they never have big ideas. The only ideas they have is to allow government to think for them. They are always willing to punish the innocent for the crimes of a few. They would rather blame government inaction rather then blame themselves. The problem is the liberals have destroyed the very institutions designed to keep communities together. Believe me folks the massacre in CT was not because of guns. It was because the liberals have destroyed anything related to morality they can find leading to a culture of violence the inevitably led to the murder of innocents.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Prsident Obama is already breaking his campaign pledge to reduce the deficit in a fair and balanced way. During the campaign, Obama said he wanted to split the tax increases with the spending reductions. Instead Obama presented a plan the proposed increased spending, big tax increases, and insignificant spending reductions. Taking into account the $200 billion in additional spending, Obama proposed $1.6 trillion in increased taxes and a paltry $400 billion in deficit reduction. Obama will still be running trillion dollar deficits and we will continue on the path of bankruptcy. Sure the tax the rich seems like a good policy. Increased taxes may even be necessary to move us away from the deficit crisis we face. The problem is Obama, in typical liberal fashion, can't stop spending other people's money. See liberals must be able to spend us into oblivion whether we can afford it or not. No one could possible be serious about deficit reduction when also proposing increased spending. Also, no one could possible talk about a "fair and balanced" approach when proposing 4:1 tax increases to spending reduction. By the way, in case you didn't know Obama really only proposed "savings" and not real spending reductions. If any of our politicians were serious, they would propose a roll back to the 2008 baseline of spending. No talks shhould continue without rolling back spending (inflation adjusted) to a budget time just before this economic mess started. My question is this: How can anyone be serious about the current baseline when inflation has been in check since 2008, mainly because of the recession, but nonetheless there shouldn't be increased spending when inflation is low. It should be roughly the same. Paul Krugman likes to state that we need more spending by the government. Yet that is what we got under Obama. The baseline spending iincreased every year by about $800 billion dollars. So the first Obama stimulus became permanent spending. This is how the liberals work. They implement emergency spending then just continue that spending into eternity and campaign on more spending and class warfare. I said before, that we need to implement spending reductions. Once our politicians show good faith and reform the entitlement programs along with reducing government spending, then and only then should we have a discussion to increase taxes. Increased taxes should only be approved to reduce the deficit and balance the budget. In no way should the tax increases be allowed first on promises to cutbacks because the cutbacks will never materialize. Under the Obama plan all we will get is increased taxes, increased spending, and increased deficits. Liberals love to bring up the Clinton budget and how it was balanced. However, this would never have happened without a Republican majority. Clinton and the liberals like to take all of the credit but in reality it was both partys. If Obama is serious about working in a bi partisan manner then he needs to also recommend spending reductions. It is not good enough for the Presidnet to say, "I want more taxes and increased spending, now Republicnas it is your turn to come up with the spending reductions." That is not leadership, that is trying to take all the credit and none of the blame. Bottom line we are in this mess becasue of politicians on both sides of the isle. The only way out of the mess is for either both parties to work together or vote these career politicians out of office. President Obama submitted an unrealistic plan. Obama needs to get off the campaign trail and start proposing something that may work.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hold to Principles

Republicans must remember their ideals and principles during these times of being the minority party. Republicans must remember where their roots and not give in to the socialization of American. Resist we can and resist we must. Don't listen to the lberal talking points of how the left won the election and now everyone must except that we are a now a big government country where everything necessary is provided free by the government. These are rough times to be in the minority but remember, it is the republicans that have the big ideas to turn the country around and not the democrats. This is my advice to the republicans (especially in the Senate), negotiate the best deals possible and then let the democrats pass everything they want along party lines. Take the filibuster, let Harry Reid limit the power of the minority. Negotiate the best deal possible then don't vote in the affirmative let the Democrats be seen as the party that stole the voice of the minority party. Next concerning the fiscal cliff: Negotiate in good faith and get the best possible deal you can get. Americans spoke decisively enough that they believed the rich could pay more. Let the Democrats wage class warfare but once the best deal is negotiated let the Democrats vote for it and Republicans vote against. Let Obama and the Democrats continue waging their war on fosil fuels. Their green energy debacles will continue adding up just as our energy costs on the voters will continue to rise. This is what the democrats want so give them what they want. Just don't vote in the affirmative as if you agree. The democrats are on a high and feel emboldened by their election win in 2012. They are setup for failure so et them fail. I find it highly ironic that Obama campaigned on "forward" yet the liberals are looking back to the 1950's for tax policies. So let us go back to the 91% tax rate on the wealthy. Let the Democrats confiscate all the wealth from the rich they can. Sooner or later they will run out of rich people's money but their spending habits will never subside. Let the Democrats drive us back to the stone ages with the liberal fantasy utopia. The American people are not stupid. They wil figure out that government is not the answer. When the economy continues to flatline and our currency falters so be it. When there are no more handouts to provide the Democrats will fall. Republicans (especially in the House) must always have an alternative plan. It doesn't matter if the plan passes or not just have a detail alternative that shows the people there is an alternative. Show that we can balance a budget without tax increases. Show that you are willing to work and negotiate but won't yield on principle. Work in a bi-partisan manner and offer up alternatives but always let the democrats pass whatever. Liberal policies are not popular but liberals have become succesful at using anecdotes and tear jerking stories to tell their story. Every cut has to disrupt education or some other pet project that will put a real face on the issue. Once the Democrats drive us down to the bottom and Americans realize that the middle class is being destroyed they will be voted out of office. Believe me the Republicans will not be on the sidelines long. Obama has one more mid term and the Republicans have real possibilities of taking the Senate in 2014 as well as keep the house. Obama will then be a lame duck and will succeed in nothing except being a miserable failure. I can't believe Americans voted for 4 more years of economic doldrums but they have. Let the economy continue to flail as liberal olicies will keep investment dollars on the sidelines. The economy will not pick up unless we have dramatic changes in our way of life. The consumer who has always been th engine of the economy has been tapped out. There is no more leverage to be had. Americans have tapped the equity in their homes for all it was worth and the baby boomers are begininng to take their money and running into retirement. The economy can not be fixed except through either easing tax policy and creating real private growth or inflating the heck out of our currency. The misery index will be high very soon as there is more money in the system now then can ever be taken out of the economy in an orderly fashion. We are well on our way to a failed republic. Let the Democrats lead down the economic hole and be ready with real plans back to prosperity. Show us you have ideas and will not yield on principle. See I don't care how old someone thinks the earth is as long as they understand how an economy works. A persons faith and understanding of how earth was created does not put food on my table. A good paying job puts the food on the table. Let Obama create all the retail low paying jobs he wants pretty soon 95% of the people will be reliant on government and their will be no more money to hand out. Once we go over 50% takers it won't take long for the rest to fall.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elections Have Consequences

As I sit back and reflect on this past election, I asked myself over and over again what it all means. My conclusions is that America has moved from a Center right country to a center left country. To me that is the only conclusion that can be drawn. There is nothing out there to suggest Obama should have been in this race let alone win it. Obama's voters turned out and Romney remained with approximately the same nuber of votes McCain received. The blame Bush campaign is still working and when I think about how that could be, I can only assume that Obama has been able to persuade the voters that we are a Nation of victims and only the leftward thinking big government approach will fix what ails us. However, in the end, all I have to remember is elections do have consequences. My solution for getting over an election of Obama to a second term is to just make sure I let everyone know when they are complaining about high gas prices, or being unable to heat their homes, or unable to hold a job, or unable to gain employment commensuarate with ones education, that this is what they voted for. Let the democrats and Obama have their way. Let the laws they have passed go into execution. Don't yeild on the fiscal cliff, this is the law of the land, and this is what the American people voted for. America has spoken, and they didn't speak of a desire to avoid the current track we are on, they voted for it to stay intact. America seems to want unemployment rolls to remain high. Americans seemed to say they didn't care that gas prices were high kepp them rising ever faster. Americans seemed to say to hell with the rule of law just allow them to do whatever it is they want and keep the government gifts coming. Americans didn't care that America in in debt more than it could ever repay. America didn't care that we lost our credit rating last year and voted to have it lowered again. Let in all of the illegal immigrants and watch the unions howl in anger as they lose their power. See the left is for anyone that will vote for them legal or illegal. Let cap and trade pass and watch the energy prices skyrocket. Let Obama fund green energy boondoggles as we have to turn of our AC and heat. For Americans voted for the health benefits, I'm hopjng that helps them keep warm. Let the electorate feel the pain they just voted for. Let elections have consequences. We need to start over as Washington can not fix itself. The problem is the only way to fix Washington is to let it implode and implode it will with the current laws. Let it happen, let the American voices be heard so that every American will come to know what it was they actually voted for. Next time someone hears an Obama voter complain about the high prices of all the necessities in life just give them a smile and isn't it wonderful, this is what we voted for.

Friday, September 28, 2012

So Romney is Losing?

There has been an awful lot of scrutiny on the Presidential polls lately. So much so that everyone is already proclaiming that not only is Romney losing but that he is losing so badly it may be near impossible to catch up and win this election. All I can say is hogwash. Romney may very well be losing at this point even though I personally doubt it. It may be that Obama is expanding his lead in the swing states. My question is So what? The election is still 39 days away. Romney has an eternity in politics to turn things in his favor and only he has the message that will sway voters. Obama can't possibly run on the real issues. The Middle East is in flames and we yet again were attacked by terrorists with Obama at the helm. Sure Obama wants to blame a video trailer for the violence but that is a lie. Obama and his propagandists in the media know this attack was a massive security failure that should have been anticipated. The Islamic terror network love to attack on symbolic days. This was planned and Obama's take that this was spawned out of a protest against a movie is simply a lie meant to keep his inflated foreign policy credentials high. The media rather than report on the failure tried to blame Romney by claiming his 47% remark was such a huge issue it overshadowed the murder of 4 people including an Ambassador. Really? Come on media, not even John Kerry is buying the President's excuses but you decide that some off the cuff remark (that's true by the way) given during a Republican fundraiser took priority over the debacle that is Libya. This failure in foreign policy will help turn Purple Virginia Red this go around. The Northern Virginia Suburbs are filled with Defense and State Department personnel that will not stand for the false narrative that America is better respected around the world than it was 4 years ago. The large military vote will go away from Obama in Virginia. Obama was able to peel some of these voters away from McCain four years ago. They were tired of an endless war and they were tired of Bush. This time they will return to the Republicans in droves. I can't believe the polls are saying Obama will win both Florida and Ohio by larger majorities than he did last time. Economically Ohio is as bad as parts of the rest of the country. However, it isn't a booming economy either. Obama has serious problems in Ohio including the coal industry workers who are out of work or will be shortly. Think they are going to vote for the man that is intent on destroying their job? Sure the auto industry will vote for Obama but in larger numbers than last time? I find it funny that a Cleveland resident is spouting the great "Obama Phone", she received free from Obama. I have news for her, it came from hard working Americans and is not free. Obviously she is part of the 47% that don't pay taxes and will vote for Obama simply because he won't make her work to pay for goodies. Florida? Really? Romney took away the one issue Obama had in Florida. Mediscare is not working. Why? Well because Obama is raiding Medicare to jump start his unpopular Obamacare. Will both these States be close? Probably but to think Romney is losing both of them by large margins is wishful thinking. Romney is also doing better than expected in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Win one of them and Romney wins by a landslide. Obama can not lose either of those States and win the election. Obama is spending money in Maryland (probably for those in Southern PA). This must have been a fairly large ad buy as it is on all the time. Wonder why the massive ad buy if all was going so great for the Obama campaign. So the poll say Obama is winning. Who cares? There is evidence the polls are skewed but again who cares? Romney being behind should invigorate the Republican base and any voter that is Republican to show up. We know that another Obama term will be disastrous for the country. American can not afford the Socialist in Chief. So we should be motivated to get out and vote. Talk to our neighbors that aren't sold on Romney. Don't bash Romney get out and help him. Obama is winning should be a rally cry for every right leaning voter in America. Get with the program, if Romney loses, America will lose. We will go over the fiscal cliff and make Greece look like a model state. I don't believe the push an agenda media polls but they can be used to Romney's advantage. There is no way the electorate is even more left Democratic than it was four years ago with the energy of change flowing. This will be the down fall of the media polls. My belief is the media knows Obama is losing. Their own polls tell them so. Come the end of election the polls will change dramatically in Romney's favor similar to what the polls did in 1980 for Reagan. No one really believes one line in a debate swung an electorate by 15-20 points in a week. Nope Reagan was winning all along, the media just didn't want it to be as bad as it really was. Same here folks but let's not focus on the skewed results, let's focus on rallying for Romney.

Friday, September 21, 2012

MSNBC Factually Lies

Thomas Roberts of MSNBC factually lied today and then stated the lie was factually correct. Really? In November 2006, the Democrats won both Houses of Congress. Harry Reid was Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. During the 2008 election, Democrats increased their number in both Houses. Thomas Roberts is correct in that there were several races that had to be determined in early 2009. That however did not change the fact that the Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress in early JAN 2009 and the Presidency as of 20 JAN. The Republicans did not come into power until JAN 2011 after the mid term elections were held in NOV 2010. According to the calendar Mr. Roberts that is a full two years. Now I think what Roberts is referring to is the filibuster proof Senate, which was only for a few months. But it doesn't take a filibuster proof Senate to have control, it only takes 51 Senators or 50 +the VP. So Mr. Roberts you are a liar. You know this was a lie and you stated it as fact. Your facts are wrong, no wonder the people that watch MSNBC are so misinformed and factually deficient. With bogus lies being spread who is to know.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Media Pawns

The media is displaying their pawn cards. Knowing full well that Obama's Middle East policy is an unmitigated disaster the media is pushing hard that the story is about Mitt Romney's "gaffe" and an anti-Islamic video. Neither is correct and the media should be ashamed of themselves. We have public officials that need to resign including Susan Rice. Rice is lying when she says the attack in Libya was about a video. The attack in Benghazi was coordinated. How else to explain storming an embassy with RPG's? What does she expect us to believe that the spontaneous protesters decided "oh a protest let me grab my RPG? How ridiculous. This attack was an act of war. It was an attack on our sovereignty. It was coordinated and used the violent protest in Cairo to cover their tracks. There was warning at least three days prior to the attack. There is evidence that the attack back in August before the video was released. There is the curious diplomatic response that referenced the movie and apologized for the movie and the media would have us believe this was released prior to the attacks. Really? Then why isn't the media investigated why the embassy thought it so important to reference this movie if the embassy didn't either know of an attack or suspect an attack? I thought journalists were supposed to be curious? Seems they all believe in what CNN's Brown stated 4 years ago "A journalist shouldn't have to report both sides as long as they know what they are saying is true". Of course reporters must really believe the lying administration because that is how they report everything. Whatever this administration says is fact. No curiosity, no investigating, just report as fact. Well this is just wrong. The media knows this is damaging to Obama. So they will do anything but investigate and report. Our media pawns are content making this about anything other than the failed policies of this administration. Even Der Spiegel out of Germany knows this is damaging to the President that wants to believe he is the foreign policy President. The Pawns in the media need to start doing their jobs. They want to interject themselves into American politics but refuse to be objective. If the media refuses to be objective then they must go. I don't want the Governmental press releases to go unchallenged. That is why the press is supposed to be important, but if they refuse to do their jobs then they are even less important than that nagging dust mite. The media pawns are no longer relevant and I would say they haven't been since 2000, the year the media went all in trying to swing an election to their favored candidate.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama Fails; Blame's America

The Obama administration has failed in Middle East foreign policy. These protests on attacks on American sovereignity in Cairo and Benghazi were planned and coordinated, yet the administration insists it because of American's exercising their right to free speech. The pathetic pawns in the media went as far as to attack Romney for even putting a statement out. Even though as it turns out he was right and even the slow responding administration agreed once Obama woke from his much needed sleep. Let there be no doubt, these attacks and subsequent protests ar4e the direct result of Obama's apologetic tone of appeasement. Obama has made America appear weak. Even Clinton sent a strong message to our enemies the last time our embassies came under attack. What has been the response of this administration? To investigate the producer of an anti-Islam movie for possible probation violations. And don't forget, Obama has blamed an American pastor for funding a movie and went as far as to dispatch his Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff GEN Dempsey to ask the pastor to withdraw his support for the movie. So while our embassy's burn, Obama blames America. We are learning now that these attacks were planned back in August before anything about this movie was known. There is no way these attacks and protests were spontaneous because of outrage over the movie. Obama though doesn't recognize this though. Obama wants to appease the Islamic world in hopes they leave us alone. Hey, Obama, the left may believe one person or a handful of people were responsible for the original 9/11 attacks. Obama, you may have taken Osama out but they attacks continue. This should lead everyone to understand it is the religion and not America. The religion is the religion of "submission". The religion is not tolerant of other religions or even other points of view. These recent attacks on America's sovereignty, disguised as out of outrage from a movie, should teach the American left that this religion is absolutely about submission to their way of life. The Islamic religion does not want to live in piece and will never allow tolerance as long as there are other religious beliefs. The Islamic religion does not allow for people to live together side by side regardless of the religious beliefs. These attacks are all about attacking "infidels" and has nothing to do with a movie whatsoever. Get over it on the American left, we will not have peace with the Islamists because we appease them. Peace will not come until we are under the control of the Islamic religion. Women give it up, Saria will ensure you are second class citizens incapable of leading your own life because you will have no rights. Obama has brought this on himself. It was his apologies and the apologies of his administration that have emboldened our enemies to attack. Obama apologized around the world. The Cairo embassy released an apologetic note either just before or just after the attacks. To the pathetic pawns the timing means everything, to me it means nothing. To the pathetic pawns it was released before the attacks. I believe if the diplomatic note was released before the attack, it is even worse than if it were done after. See from the note apologizing for America over a movie anticipated that there would be protests and yet we did nothing to beef up security. We allowed the embassy to be taken from us and a foreign flag flown above our sovereignity. The embassy wouldn't even allow the Marine contingent to carry live ammunition. See if this statement was released prior to the attacks and we knew the attacks were coming, and still did nothing, then this would be far worse than if the apology came out after the attacks. At least if it came out after the attacks, i9t would have been a response. Instead we have not had a response from this administration. Worse, this administration, once they realized the apology would not sit well with the public, came out against the statement just like Romney. Romney led with a response, Obama led with more campaign fund raisers. Where is our pathetic pawns in the media? Well trying desperately to cover up the events concerning the atrtacks and building up their messiah through attacks on the challenger.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gun Control

The Aurora, Colorado, theater massacre is another horrific incident where there was needless loss of life. In the immediate aftermath, the liberals including the biased media pawns, began clamoring for more "commonsense" gun control laws. Rather than sit back and reflect on what may have driven this maniac to murder innocent movie goers, the press immediately pounced to drive their own liberal view points. The media attempted in vain to tie this nutcase to the tea party activists. See the left and the media pawns believe the tea party is violent, even though there has been more violence in the form of rapes and murders from the leftist "occupy" movement. The media pawns have no real incidents of violence that can be tied to the tea party so they attempt in vain to tie every maniac to the tea party. The media pawns and the liberal politicians believe that the problem is guns. Obama made a quip that AK-47's belong in the hands of soldiers. The problem is the nutcase wasn't using an AK-47. The media blames Bush and the right because they eased the Assault eeapons ban. The left believes there would be no violence if we could just rid ourselves of the pesky right we have to bear arms. In this case, would these people be alive had we banned all guns? The left would say yes. The problem is the guns were just one vehicle the maniac could have used. This was a nutcase. The assault was intricately planned. The house the crazy lived in was booby trapped with over a dozen explosive devices. The madman believes he is the Joker from the Batman comic books. Does anyone really believe this crazed man would not have found another means to kill his victims? The evidence is clear, this man was going to kill people. If he didn't have the guns he would have used something else, like maybe explosives where many more may have become needless victims. The problem here wasn't the guns. Even if we had European style guns laws, this event would have happend. I don't here the media or the liberals clamoring for restrictions on movie content, or comic book content. In this case there are direct links to the violence to the entertainment business and not the gun business. Yet the left can only see superficially that guns were involved; they must be blamed. The left went off whined like spoiled brats. See the left doesn't believe in guns so they fail to look even further. The bottom line is this: further limiting our right to bear arms through gun control will only keep the guns out of the hands of law abiding people. See the criminals and madmen will still have guns and we will reside in an even more violent society where the criminals and crazies have the upper hand. Gun control does nothing to resolve the issues. The issues is that this madmen was able to get explosive devices and figure out how to booby trap his residence and not be detected. If more people and States had more open carry laws the carnage this guy created could have been minimized.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Chicken Or The Egg

What came first the chicken or the egg? More importantly who came first the people or the government? To liberals like the President and Elizabeth Warren it is the government that came first and provided everything the people needed to become successful. Similar to Elizabeth Warren, Obama just last week stated that no one made it on their own. The entreprenuers didn't build there businesses through hard work, nope they somehow owe government for their success. Yet this country was founded on the ideals of freedom and liberty and not government and bureaucrats. In fact the first Government in the United States demanded a very weak government. Understand that liberals, our founding fathers understood that government is the cause of the downfall of society not the creator of society. This whole argument over businesses not being solely responsible for their innovative ideas is simply socialism at its core. Let me ask you this: Who and what started the "industrial revolution", the people or the government; private citizen or government bureaucats? I can tell you the main concept of the industrial revolution was the idea of "interchangeable parts" and the integral invention was the cotton gin. Eli Whitney, a private citizen, promoted the theory of interchangeable parts in gun manufacturing, and he also invented the cotton gin. Government had nothing to do with the innovation ideas of Eli Whitney. It wasn't the roads or the police, or the schools. It wasn't welfare, or medicare, or health care, or Social security. It wasn't public grants, or taxpayer money. Nope it was just a private citizen doing what Americans are famous for; he pulled himself up by the bootstraps, used his mind, and changed the country for the better. It was entreprenuers that set up shop on the banks of our rivers to cater to the farmers as we expanded our reaches past the Appalachians. It was the adventureous and courageous that found a way of life that increased the living conditions as we moved westward. Government was the result of the people socializing; it was not the catalyst for innovation. That my friends is the main problem with socialism. It is the main issue with the liberal thought process. See people are instintually competitive. Instintually, people seek out better and easier ways of doing what needs to be done. Government interferes with competition and in the end destroys the very social network it seeks to mold. Governments start wars; not the people. Governments have been the ruin of every civilization. Governments get out of control. It is government that once it takes over people's day to day lives end up ruining the lives of everyone. Governments become corrupt. Government continuously expand into areas of which have more to do with "self actualization" than it does improving a way of life. It is liberal guilt that creates the monster government that eats the society it is supposed to protect. It is the private individual that creates the ideas and concepts, it is the government that steals from the people to feed itself. The liberal idea that no one would be able to survive without government is a fable. All the governmetn does is take from the people. Now, as a society progresses there is a need to have a government administration of some sort. It only makes sense as communities grow there dollars are pooled for saftey and security. We don't want each individual meting out their own brand of justice. It makes sense to have a standing military, it makes sense to have a fire department. People don't even have an issue with having the government provide a safety net for the less fortunate. No one is advocating the abscence of government. However, government has no business telling me what products I have to purchase. Government should not be calling me a "freeloader" just because I make different choices than they would make. The government should not be picking the winners and losers. When government makes the decisions we are not a free society. That is not progressive, that is destructive. The competitve instincts are what make the people. Take away the the competitiveness and watch a society crumble. In this case the people come first; the government is the result. We the people need to reign in our government before the government reigns in we the people.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Paper Cuts: The Obama Way

The Obama campaign attacks on Romney over Bain Capital and outsourcing is the big lie that is not going away. The Campaign feels lying is a good way to stir up controversy and concern over Mitt's work and wealth. Obama surrogates admit that the felon attack is over the top but refuse to apologize or even just take done the false and inaccurate ads. This is the Obama way. Obama always sets out to destroy the character of his opponents even though he says he abhors character assassination. Obama has no other means to cast a message. Obama's track record as President is that of a failed Presidency. Obama's policies are what is wrong with the economy. Obama's demonization of wealth is what is wrong with the economy. Obama's Tax more Spend more philosophy of Government is what is wrong ith the economy. Obama's steal from the rich and give to his wealthy contituents is what is wrong with the economy. Obama's outsourcing of stimiulus cash to foreign companies is what is wrong with this economy. Obama started his presidency off by attempting to play both ends against the middle. Obama and his Treasury Secretary, approved of large bonuses for execs of failed banks, yet Obama cried bloody murder when the public found out. Once the public found out that the failed bank execs were receiving large bonuses, Obama claimed ignorance (even though he and Geithner approve of the bonuses) and went on the airwaves telling the bankers that he was the only thing standing between them and the citizens with pitch forks. What Obama fails to understand is that you can't secretly pay off the wealthy and then publicly humiliate the wealthy. See the wealthy who invest in the country will reufse to make investments and then the workers will have no jobs, in which case everybody is upset with the President. Obama has taxed and spent America into oblivion. Obama claims to have cut taxes on the lowest 95% of income earners. What Obama doesn't say is that those cuts are hurting entitlement programs and the cuts are temporary at best. Another thing Obama fails to tell the peole is that Obamacare is nothing more than a large tax bill passed on to the future generation. Obama always claims the Republicnas won't work with him. The problem is that Obama and the democrats have refused to work with republicnas. Rather than find compromise Obama just wants capitulation. Republicnas have passed a budget, Republicans have passed jobs bills, Republicnas have agreed to tax increases as part of a compromise, yet the Democrats have passed none of these. Remember it was Obama that blew up the negotations last year on the debt ceiling increase. Obama and the Republicnas had a deal, the Presidnet decided to play politics instead of looking out for America, by wanting more in the form of taxes with the same amount of cuts. Remember it is Obama with the trillion dollar annual deficits and not the Republicans. Paul Krugman can state the stimulus wasn't large enough. I'd tell Paul Krugman to look at the facts. The fact is that the temporary stimulus became the new government spending baseline. So we have in fact had billions of dollars annually dumped into the economy by the government. We spend $900 billion annually more today than we did in 2008. Now the $800 billion stimulus is just part of the annual spending baseline. Any cuts Obama agrees to in the budget are never really cuts. All the so clled cuts are only a slowdown of growth rather than an actual cut. Its a paper cut only, but America is dying from the 1000 paper cuts Obama has inflicted on our economy. Obama sent cash from the stimulus bill to foreign companies. In an effort to save a handful of jobs here, Obama sent tax dollars to countries like Finland saving Fisker employee jobs in Finland in large numbers to save a handful in our own country. Why one might ask? Well because the Green industry is a big backer of Obama and it doesn't matter where the money goes as long as Obama continues receiving his cut. This is outsourcing in the worst of times. Rather than spend money on companies and products in the US to create US jobs, Obama created jobs overseas to save a few here. The job creation Obama created is not in America. Obama created bankruptcies in America while created jobs overseas. Than Obama has the audacity to say only he knows how the bigger economy works. Obama is attempting to make hay with the Bain capital attacks. He is lying in his ads and his surrogates are making false charges. The media is falling for it by asking Mitt about outsourcing while leaving the Presidnet alone about his outsourcing. The media is trying to ask if it is reasonable line of questioning towards Mitt and private equity but won't dare ask Obama about his public equity firm. Obama would rather have people receive an income for a made up job than having people work in real jobs delivering real satisfaction. Rather than allow businesses make a profit so they can expand and create jobs, Obama wants their money to give to non producers. This will create no jobs and create a larger government dependency. Want proof jut listen to Nancy Pelosi and her comments about Unemployemnt compensation and how that is the great engine that can deliver us from the depths of this recession. Just listen to Obama who says all that matters is an ever expanding government. No one could make it without government so why not have even more government. Talk of fairness and equality from the Democrats is nothign more than Socialist thinking. There is no fairness in taking from a few to give tot he many. Their is no fairness is robbing people of their wealth to redistribute to the non producers. Robin Hood may be portrayed as a hero but the fact remains he is nothing more than a thief. America is dying of 1000 paper cuts. We are losing our freedoms and liberty for the sake of government intervention. We are no longer free to make our choices. The government makes them for us. The government decides what we need to spend money on. In Obama's case it is more policeman when we have low crime rates, it is more teachers when we have failing schools, it is more roads for less traffic. Obama only sees government as the solution. The problem is government is usually the problem. I am not advocating for no government, what I am advocating is for government to provide a helping hand rather giving handouts to constituents. I am for the government providing a safety net but not a government that tells me what is best. Obama and the Democrats believe they are smarter than the rest of us. I can tell they are not. They just want power and are willing to kill America to retain their power. Obama has the Robin Hood syndrome. Obama wants to steal money from the productive and give to the non productive. Look at health care, Obama needs the young and healthy to pay his tax so that insurance for the elderly is held lower simply because the pool is larger. The funny thing is though, Obama then instituted a Death panel to decide what is acceptable in health care depending on the productivity of the elderly. If your grnadmother is 85 and in poor health there may be no hip replacement surgery for her because some bureaucrat will decide your grandmother isn't worthy of the money required to be spent. Instead of making family decisions Obama has taken that away from the people because he knows whats best. Obama talks about tax fairness. What he forgets is life is competitive and never fair. Instead of leveling the playing field and making opportunities for all, Obama has decided that the best way to equality is to not keep score, that way everybody wins on paper. Obama even claims no one could have made it without Government. That is not the point. No one is saying abolish government, what we are saying is that government needs to be reigned in. Obama wants a nanny state where the government is responsible for all. Republicans want a free State wher individuals are held responsible. We all want help; what we don't want is a handout.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Romney Message

Mitt Romney is doing fine this campaign season. Sure he has issues but he has stayed on message. Romney understands that this election is going be a referendum on Obama election. Regardless of how the media and Obama try to spin this election as being a choice election, this is not about anything more than an election based on the economy and the economy is not doing well. The June jobs report is not good. True the DNC chair believes we are improving but nothing is further from the truth. The 4.4 million jobs created in the last 28 months averages out to be 157,000 jobs a month. It takes at least 125,000 jobs a month to keep up with population growth. The last three months job creation has been anemic with under 100,000 jobs created per month. The last quarter we haven't even kept ahead of population growth. The unemployment report from last week showed the unemployment rate holding steady at 8.2%. We have been even worse but many eligible workers have given up on finding work. Other have sought out other means of government assistance. More people went on the disability roles than found jobs. Why is the economy looming so large? Let's look at history and explain why Obama was elected in the first place. If memory serves, John McCain led Obama after the conventions and heading into mid September. Then the stock market crashed and the economy was on the verge of collapse. After the collapse of the economy and the financial industry, Obama jumped into the lead and never looked back. Facing reality, Obama is President because of his hope and change message in a time of economic despair. People wanted to believe Obama was our savior. America wanted to be a winner again and rallied behind the candidate that promised to change the direction of the country. Obama largely failed in his one and only mission when he took office. Obama threw away a trillion dollars on the economy (mainly to his liberal allies) and thought this was just another recession that would fix itself. Obama blew his political capital on a health care bill that is unpopular with the public. Rather than focus on the economy and the structural problems that exist, Obama missed the problem all together. See this recession (or depression) is not cyclical in nature. This recession was not caused by the normal business ups and downs. No this recession was structural in nature. It was always going to be a deep and long recession. Consumers will not be able to get us out of this recession. The problem with the economy is that people are tapped out. There is no assets left to leverage. People no longer are able to buy the goods we manufacture. Homes were used as ATM's as people borrowed against paper gains rather than realized gains. Sure some people really made out during the easy money practices of the FED that caused the housing bubble. Now that homes have fallen to more realistic numbers, people are no longer able to borrow against the paper equity. There is no equity. The borrow more spend more philosophy should be what is scrutinized. Keynesian economics have failed on both the governmental level and the individual level. The fake demand is what caused us to be where we are at in the first place. More fake demand is not going to fix the problem. The fake demand leveraged every asset in both the public and private hands. There are two ways out of the economic mess we are in. We can inflate our way out and you can bet your bottom dollar that is what Obama and the democrats will do if they are reelected. That is all they know, borrow today and inflate tomorrow so the amount borrowed appears miniscule. If Obama is reelected, the FED will almost certainly attempt a Qualitative Easing part III. The FED will inflate us to the point of no return in an attempt to make the economy grow. Obama will take the extra printed dollars and spend on more liberal boondoggles. For all intents and purposes America will be bankrupt, except we can't go bankrupt because we can just print more worthless paper. The other way is to grow our way out of the problem. Mitt will do that. Mitt will implement policies that will shrink the size of government not just slow the growth of government. Mitt will cut government to balance the budget or at least make the deficits palatable. Reducing taxes and cutting government will place more real dollars in the hands of people. The economy will grow and government will shrink. We won't inflate ourselves out of bankruptcy and we won't need a wheelbarrow to purchase a loaf of bread. There is a choice out there people: We can vote for the American people and cast a vote for Mitt or we can cast a vote for the Government of the US and cast a vote for Obama. Who would you place your bet: On the American people or the government?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roberts Punted; America Lost

The Chief Justice of the United States punted on the most important issue before the Court. Roberts became the swing vote that swayed the opinion to uphold Obamacare. Conservatives have been busy laying the tax issue at the feet of Democrats but the problem isn't about whether the individual mandate is a tax or a penalty. The issue is that this government is no longer ruling with the consent of the people. To me it makes no difference that the bill was upheld either as a penalty or a tax. See if it was a penalty the people will be compelled to submit to the wishes of government from the commerce clause. As a tax the people are compelled to submit to the will of the government due to a tax. Either way America's are being punished simply because they are Americans. Who cares if the act is simply a penalty or penalty tax? Is this not the same thing? See Americans are being punished one way or the other. Roberts did not save the Court, nor did he save himself. When the government is allowed to punish us; its citizens; to do as the government wishes, we are no longer the land of the free. Roberts made sure that we as Americans are servants to the government. No longer do we have any choices accept through the ballot box. President Obama already relegted the public to the sidelines with his comments of "we are going to pass legislation and then see what happens as that is what elections are for." It is a shame in America when the public is relegated to the sidelines. Now instead of having a government that passes laws good for the people, we have a government that passes laws to appease their special interet groups. Every time the government turns over along ideological lines we will have to repeal laws that were passed along ideological lines. Anything the government wants to mandate can now be done as long as it is passed with a punitive tax associated with the law. Either submit to the will of government or be taxed into submission. This is not what is meant by the phrase "Government by the consent of the people". This is no longer a Democracy or even a Democratic Republic. We now have a government that can pass anything they want as long as they attach a tax bill. We are no longer the land of the free but as land of servants; servants to the will of government. Our founding founders knew full well that government unconstrained would be a menace on the people. It took over two hundred years but the liberals in America succeeded in destroying the Republic. They made our government more powerful than the people and that is something our founding fathers attempted to prevent. What a shame that Roberts decided to punt on the issue at hand. Rather than stand against government overreach he stood for government tryanny.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


President Obama is currently in desperation mode. Rather than lead the country, everything he is doing is political. Now I understand the President has to run a campaign for his last election ever but what he is doing politically today is ruining the country for tomorrow. The administration has leaked classified information to make the President look strong on Foreign policy. The Administration sent out Biden to say he was personally for Gay marriage rights forcing Obama to evolve. Now we have Obama saying he won't deport illegal aliens. All of these are political calculations intended for one purpose only; Get Obama re-elected. Let's take the immunity issue. We all know Obama is desperate to maintain or even increase his share of the Hispanic vote. This immunity really came out of no where. It was a surprise to everyone when it was announced. It came on the heels of his latest recycled economic speech. Right after that speech fell flat and Obama realized that people were simply not going to listen to his same old recycled pitches he comes up with immunity? Obama will do anything to change the subject from his failed economic policies. Sure Obama has been attempting immigration reform since he has been President, but doing this executive order now is nothing more than making legislation from the executive office. This changes our laws that are on the books. Obama is in charge of enforcing and executing the laws of the land and not making the laws. This power grab is Obama believing he is King that is able to decree whatever he desires. I do believe there needs to be an adult conversation on dealing with illegal immigration. Obama made it much more difficult to to have that adult conversation in his thinly veiled attempt to buy the Hispanic vote. Now look at the Gay marriage support. The Obama media complex spun this as Biden opening his mouth and forcing the President to 'Evolve'. Really; that's what the Obama media complex believes? Come on Obama sent Biden out there to float the idea. Obama needed to do something to get his base behind him. Obama knows the base is deserting him and he needed something to at least get them back on board. This little charade may get the base reluctantly involved but it has not done anything to get them excited. The leaks are criminal and whoever is responsible needs to be prosecuted. Selling out our informant on the Bin Laden raid is treasonous. Our informant is now in a Pakistani prison from which he will in all likelihood die. Obama is trying to show how tough he is in making "a kill list". Really that is what we want? A cowboy making a game out of killing people? The killing of terrorists is no game and I can't believe the left is allowing Obama to make it a game and than defend it as being a tough leader. I thought it was the right that was supposed to be heartless? The media complex and the left best get their story straight. Either you are a shrill for human rights or you are not. If you are a shrill for human rights than get on Obama for making a game out of killing people. If you are not a shrill than apologize for your actions against Bush and start at least being balanced in your reporting regarding the defense of our nation against future terrorist attacks. Wikileaks is bad enough but to have a Presidnet leaking information for political gain that will get Americans killed is criminal. This President is desperate; let there be no doubt. These recent actions are political in nature. The actions listed are borderline criminal and have but one intent; Get Obama re-elected. Obama knows he needs to get the narrative back. The problem is he can't talk about the economy and jobs because he has been such a miserable failure.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorry Juan; Private Sector Is More Than Wall Street

Last night on Bill O'Reilly, Juan Williams attempted to defend Obama's remarks saying the Private sector is doing fine. First of O'Reilly is correct, the unemployed workers are part of that private sector. However, even more important is small businesses. Juan attempted to tell the viewers that Obama's remarks were in line with wall Street profits. The problem is that Wall Street is not main street. The engine of the economy is small business and consumers. Small businesses are not doing fine. Small businesses are not hiring. The consumer is scared and spending money on paying for the "thingamagics" that were already purchased. Now I understand liberals believe that government workers will spend money in small businesses that will help them grow. I understand they believe in a multiplier effect, meaning that a government dollar spent yields more than a dollar in returns. The problem is this is unproven and I would venture a guess that an ineeficient government that can't be run like a business has a hard time yielding more output than what is input. If that were the case than government should confiscate all of the wealth and then spread it all back out. The problem is that has been tried and all that happens is everyone becomes poor with the exception of the ruling class. Just take a look at North Korea, the Soviet Union or even CHina prior to capitalism there. We need the private sector to be robust and growing. Since this recession started we are still over 4 million jobs short of where we were at prior to the recession. So in 4 years we haven't even got back to the starting blocks. The public sector on the other hand has grown in jobs. We have increased public expeditures and increased our debt to levels not seen since WWII yet the liberals still believe the public sector is the little engine the could. The facts say the private sector must lead the way. The facts say the private sector is still in dire straights. In the case of "the private sector is doing fine", this is not a gaffe. This is what liberals truly believe. Liberals do not believe in the private sector or they believe that the private sector is Wall Street. Obama's statement says more about what he believes is middle class and what believes is main street than his liberal friends want to let out of the bag. See main street America is more than the working poor. Main Street America is more than Wall Street. Main Street America is more than the political class. Main Street America are our family, friends, and neighbors. Main Street America is the Union worker, the Store Clerk, the factory worker, the construction worker, the plumber, the mortician, the small business owner, the resturant worker, the miner, the oil rig worker. The President doesn't understand that he is Presidnet of all the people rahter than President of the 50% +1. Jaun has to realize that the private sector is much more than Wall Street. Wall Street is in the Private sector, not the private sector. The little engine that could is the private sector and until liberals like Obama and Juan Willimas realize that our economy will remian in the doldrums.

A New Depression Era

For once I have to agree with Paul Krugman, at least on one point, we are in a depression. This is a depression of our own making and many of the reasons are similar to our last recession. This is not really the Obama depression but rather probably the Clinton depression. Bush entered office in the midst of the start of the depression and missed the signs and passed off the 2000-2001 recession as being a normal recesssion that started under Clinton and was exasperated by the 9/11 attacks. However, if one was to compare the roaring '20's with the irrational exuberance of the '90's we would see some of the same conditions that led to the great depression. The 1920's saw a rapid pace of new technology and innovations. Before WWI, automobiles were seen as a luxury item, throughout the 1920's, mass produced automobiles became common across the US. Radio became a means of mass communication. Aviation was coming into its own and advances in the chemical industry led to advances in the medical industry. In the 1990's most of the technological advances came in the form of computer industry. The internet proved invaluable for expanding business growth. The DOTCOMS became vital to our economic prosperity. The 1920's also saw government growth policies and construction booms. The real estate bubble of the 1920's is eerily familiar with the real estate bubble in the late '90's through 2007. Like the 1920's the consumer had become the engine of the economy. Easy money policies allowed individuals to leverage everything they owned to borrow more which fueled even greater spending. What all of this means is we should not be shocked that we are in a depression similar to the one in the 1930's. The excesses of the 1920's is what caused the great depression and the excesses of the 1990's have created this depression. The economic bubble burst in 2007. Debt and deflation are the root cause of both this depression and the greta depression. We have similar debt liquidation and distress selling occuring. Much of the stimulus that went to individuals was and is spent on reducing debt rather than purchasing new products. The American home is one of an individuals best investments assets but as the value of homes decreased once the real estate bubble burst there was less money to be spent. Like the 1920's there has been a loss of unemployment. Since the 1990's jobs have been outsourced and technology meant less people had to work to produce the same output. Interest rate are in free fall and the margins banks were forced to maintain were at lows in both the late 1990's and the 1920's. All of these indications are similar and are the cause of the situation we now face. We are in these conditions because of the irrational exuberance on the 1990's. We should have seen this coming. Just like the great depression we have had our ups and downs already. The signs were there with the Clinton recession. Bush was able to increase government spending spending with Keynesian policies buth that only hid the underlying problems. Obama is using similar if not the same policies as Bush at an even greater rate pushing us even further over the cliff. What we need now is a push towards private investment. We need less government and more entreprenuership. We need consumers back and not increased government spending. The reality is that once government grows beyond its means we create conditions for depressions. The Great depression was overcome only because we created hyperinflation which resulted in WWII. We are seeing many of these same signs today. Remember the Axis regimes including Franco, Mussolini, and Hitler came to power out of economic distress. Today, the PIIGS, are under duress and the people are revolting against "austerity" measures. Greece is just an example. France went the Socialist route. Spain may only have a few days before their bailout fails. If Greece is forced out of the Euro or the EU collapses hyper inflation will again rule the day in Europe. One never knows what a populist revolt will bring into power. The world is again at the brink. The Arab Spring may turn into the Autumn rebellion. Let there be no doubt we are in a world wide depression. We don't know what regime will manifest or where the next coflict will be but just like WWII was caused by economic distress, so may be the next world wide conflcit. We are in very dangerous times right now and unless we learn the lessons of the 1930's we may well be doomed to repeat them. We need to get our economic house in order. That means reducing the size of our government. We have to remain at the forefront of world leadership and not relegate our sovereignity to the United Nations. We can not become an isolationist country. We need private investors and get the government out of the investment business. Once government decides the winners and losers we are all doomed to failure. FDR initiated large government reforms and that is the same route taken by Obama and even Bush. However, the Great Society reforms are not what allowed us to climb out of the depression, WWII led us out of the depression. I would say we are closer to WWIII today than we have ever been. Hard economic times are always what cause social unrest. The Arab Spring was about the have's and Have not's. In our own society we have had the Occupy movement which was social unrest based on the have's and have not's. The economy will not work again until the government gets out of the way of business and allows private industry and consummerism to again reign free. Our conditions today are not that much different than the 1930's Obama hasn't saved us from a depression; he is steering us over the cliff. We need to reverse course and get out of the ditch. We had better hope that Europe saves itself and doesn't again allow hyperinflation that will allow despotic populist leaders come to reign. We are on the brink of catastrophy just compare the roaring '20's to the irrational exuberance of the 1990's. The excesses were similar. My question is will the result become the same?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obama Is About To Lose Big

The Obama campaign is in serious trouble. There are the latest out of touch with reality comments that will only harden anti Obama sentiment, but I believe there are more tangible signs that Obama is in trouble for his reelection bid. One sign Obama is in trouble is his approval rating. Obama is currently drawing an average of 47.7 %. That is not good for a President looking to be reelected. Another sign Obama is in trouble is Romney is winning the narrative right now. Obama is still seeking a message while Romney has found a campaign message from which to run a positive campaign. The third reason I believe Obama is in trouble is the recall election in Wisconsin. Unions, Democrats, and Obama went all in for the recall election in a subversive attempt to overturn an election. From the best I can tell Obama's approach to elections is that they are all perfectly fine as long as Obama and the Democrats are the winner. A fourth and very important reason Obama is in trouble is the economy. Last month the unemployment rate went up and not down. Much of the decrease over the last year is solely because people left the workforce and not because the economy created jobs. Finally, another sign Obama is in trouble is the generic Congressional ballot. According to RCP, Republicans are the choice of respondents over Democrats. Obama Approval Rating Obama has an approval rating under 50%. Approval has been dismal for most of the Obama first term. Historically, in reelection bids, Presidents receive approximately the same share of the popular vote in their reelection votes as an average of their approval rating for the preceding 12 months before the election. Now the pundits are saying that rather than an average over the preceding 12 months, instead they receive the same share of the vote as the latest approval rating just before the election. I don't take that at face value but even if that were true Obama is in trouble. Without a serious third party campaign (which there are no signs of one coming this election) Someone is going to have over 50% of the vote. Obama isn't really even close to that currently. The problem is the thoughts on Obama are hardening. We are less than 5 months away from the election. Obama has gone totally negative right now and that will not endear him in people's heart. Campaign Has No Message Currently there is no campaign theme for Obama. The economy is in the tank. Racism is not a winning theme nor is the war on women. Slow and steady may have worked but a third failed summer of economic growth is taking even a modest theme and making it work. Winning the future is a liberal gift bag to buy the votes of the left not win the votes of independents. Forward as a campaign theme won't win the hearts and minds of the people as long as the economy is running backwards. People will not want to just get the "car further hung up in the ditch. Nope, people are going to want to see improvement in positioning and the signs of that happening just are not there. This is not the Dole election of 1996. Dole was out of money following the Primary and had to remain dark until his campaign was infused with cash after the Republican convention. Romney doesn't have that problem and in fact out raised Obama in May. Obama has no message and is losing the cash race; not a good reelection standing with less than 150 days before the election. Wisconsin Recall The Wisconsin recall effort was a massive failure for Unions, Democrats, and Obama. Unions wasted millions of dollars on the recall effort. The problem is the voters were tired of Democrats attempting to subvert the will of the people. The Walker reforms have created jobs in the State, reduced deficits in the State, saved teachers jobs and pensions, reduced health care costs, and really placed Wisconsin in economic peace, something Obama has no idea how to accomplish. Sure Obama tried to save some face by avoiding the recall but Unions will remember the lack of support by this administration. By Obama abandoning the recall effort that he supported early on is hardly going to bring in large union dollars to support Obama in his bid. With all of the lost dues going to this recall effort there is simply less money in which to support Obama. It's the Economy Stupid This election is about the economy. In 2004, Democrats were screaming about a jobless recovery. That was a time when we were creating jobs at a much faster rate than we are today. Bush was creating jobs at over 200,000 per month average. Under Obama's economy we can't even create enough jobs to stay with population increase. Month after month we are falling further behind. The only reason the unemployment rate has dropped is because people are discouraged and leaving the workforce. More and more people are becoming dependent on government. Businesses are not starting up nor are they hiring. Businesses are scared and won't begin hiring again now until after this election cycle. Obama's regulations and taxes just do not foster a good business environment. People generally make their mind up on the economy by 5-6 months out. People understand that anything the incumbents do now is nothing more than political gimmicks designed to fool the people. So it is not the Republicans that cheering for economic pain, it is the administration that ignored the economy for three and half years now hoping for a miracle. Generic Vote The Republicans are winning the Generic vote for Congress. This does not bode well for any Democrat in office. Republicans win seats when they lead in generic ballots. Right now this generic lead probably means Republicans will pick up seats in the House, takeover the Senate, and win the Presidency. Historically, as long as Republicans kept this generic ballot close, even if Democrats had a slight lead, the Republicans won the election. America is a right of center country, and the generic ballot shows America believes Democrat policies do not match their own. Obama and the Democrats badly overreached in many areas. From Health care reform to immigration reform, Obama has set out to divide a country. America doesn't want to be divided and right now it looks like Obama is in trouble. These five reasons are why I believe this election is Romney's to lose. If the fundamentals don't change soon this election will not be close; Romney will win in a landslide. I see an election closer to 1980 than any other Reelection campaign. From Obama's the "private sector is doing fine" to his "maliase" type speeches, it reminds me of Carter in 1980. Carter tried similar things as Obama is doing now. See it was always never Carter's fault. It was always the fault of the people. In 1980 the Democrats were divided. Just look at the democrats of today ripping Obama for the Bain attacks, the ill-fated recall effort, and other diversions from the Obama record. Democrats are having problems carrying Obama's water and are distancing themselves from him. Obama is running on the politics of division and fear. Obama is running a purely negative campaign, blaming everyone but himself for his failures. Bottom line is America loves an underdog which is why we have Obama in the first place. Yet, America also hates whiners, failures, and losers, which is why Obama is on the ropes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Obama Economy

Obama owns this economy and he knows it. Sure Obama's surrogates and water carrying media pundits would love to change the dynamics and pass the blame onto the Republican led House but facts are facts and we are here facing the economic views due to Obama, his policies, and his wasted political capital. Sure Obama loves to blame Bush for the recession and the fact remains most people continue to blame Bush for the recession. The problem is that at this point passing blame of the recession is not good enough. Who is to blame is not or at least should not be the right question. The question is "who is to blame for the lack of economic recovery?" It is becoming increasingly apparent that the people are blaming Obama for the lack of recovery and rightfully so. The problem is Obama largely ignored the economy in the first two years of his first term. Instead of focusing on economic recovery which would have ensured democrats retained leadership in both houses of Congress, Obama instead focused on his ill fated Health care law. Obama wasted all of his political capital in getting a Health care bill signed into law. See as Obaam said he won the election and he was going to have his way. Obama himself even said that he was going to pass health care no matter what and that is what elections are for. Well in 2010, we had an election and the results couldn't have been a clearer repudiation of the lack of focus on the economy. Democrats didn't lose in 2010 because they passed Obamacare; they lost because the economy was still in the tank a full two years after Obama took office. Now another year and a half later, we have a stagnant economy at best. Last week 8.2% unemployment numbers just goo to show that Obama's policies on the economy have failed us. Now Paul Krugman says we didn't spend enough on stimulus. That is of course hogwash. Obama wrote in stimulus that was supposed to be a one time deal spent over two years. Yet we still haven't come close to the 2009 spending baseline. The increased spending by government has become permanent. See the left trying to pass off the increases in spending onto the Bush administration are disingenuous at best. See Obaam didn't use the stimulus and then lower what government spent; no Obama kept spending at the increased rate. So Mr. Krugman you are wrong to say we didn't spend enough. We are still spending at those increased levels. What was proposed as a one time deal are still being spent. This is permanent increased stimulus that is doing nothing for the economy. For the last five quarters we have grown at less than 2.0% GDP. This is not enough of an increase to even cover the growing population. We have been going backwards since Obama has been in office. Most voters are going to make the jump that the economy is what it is. We are going to have high unemployment under Obama. May was always going to become the last month Obama had before people begin making up their mind on the economy. Anything that Obama does will be seen as too little too late. Anything that would change to improve the economy now would be seen as nothing more than a political gimmick. To add to the problem, factory orders are down and this is going to be seen in this quarter's GDP report due out in July. Now Obama will be busy blaming everyone but himself, the fact remains Obama blew his political capital on what could become a law that is declared unconstitutional. For all of Obama's talk of pivoting towards jobs that was nothing more than throwing platitudes towards the American people. Obama never became serious about the economy until September of last year when it was apparent that the economy could not be ignored and expected to recover. Now to give Obama some credit, the economy has structural problems in it that must be corrected. This was never going to be just a business cycle recession. The economy had been run into the ground since the early 1990's. The irrational exuberance in the '90's has come home to roost. Economists should have come clean earlier about economic problems. The housing bust and financial meltdown were cause by this "irrational exuberance". The FED kept interest rates artificially low for years. This allowed people to borrow more money than ever before and that increased the value of homes. This unsustainable boom was bound to become a bust. The financial industry melted down because of the easy money and ill advised lending practices that ensued. By 2004 it had become painfully obvious we were in trouble. It took Bush almost his full first term to overcome the recession he inherited and the effects of the attacks on 9/11. It took until the spring of 2004 before the jobs started coming back even after the economy began growing. This should have been the warning shot across the bow. However, it wasn't, interest rates were held artificially low and the economy grew on the people's borrowed money. SO the federal government tapped out its credit, then the States tapped out their credit, and finally the individual tapped out its credit. There is no more money to be borrowed. Unfortunately now we need inflation just to get us out from under our burden of debt. That my friends will become the definition of our bankruptcy. The problem is Obama didn't recognize the structural problems. Obama didn't recognize that All of America's credit had been consumed. There is no where else from which to leverage credit. We can't borrow anymore lest we become a banana republic. Sure people are investing in US treasuries but they will only so long as it is profitable. From every appearance this is going to become a global recession. Brazil, China, and India growth is slowing. Europe is in a mess. Obama's policies have stifled business growth. Bottom line things are going to get worse before they get better. Not focusing on the economy and failing to get us out of the economic doldrums is Obama's fault. Just this year, Obama or the Senate Democrats have killed every proposal that would have increased jobs in America. Obama may want to blame Republicans and Obama surrogates may want to say Republicans are cheering for economic failure but it is Obama and the Democrats that have been unwilling to even bring up proposals that have passed the House. It is Obama that doesn't want something good to happen lest Republicans share in the credit. As always it is Obama's way or the highway. See Obama won, now it is high time he take responsibility for his economy and his wasted political capital.

Monday, May 14, 2012

How Soon They Forget

Paul begala for all his bluster must not have a very good memory. Today the mouth piece of the left is found complaining about the loss of Dick Lugar in the Republican nomination process for Indiana Senator. Begala claims the right has moved so far to the extreme that there is no room for compromise in the center. To Begala it is the fault of the right that there is no compromise. In using Dick Lugar as his example of that shining moderate that was forced out of the Senate by hi Party's voters, Begala conveniently forgets that the left also culls its candidates on ideological lines. See I never saw a former VP candidate on the right pushed out of the party by the extremists in the party. Wasn't it the Democrats that forced out Joe Lieberman? Oh yeah people like Begala like to forget that the Connecticut Democrat voters voted out Lieberman in their own primary in 2006, just 6 years after Lieberman was on the Democrat National Ticket for VP. See Ned Lamont beat Joe in the primary because well he compromised too much. Joe was a moderate that just could not be tolerated. Now begala must have forgotten the Democrats eating their own. Why did they convenently forget? Well because Joe was able to win as an independent after losing the nomination. See what Begala likes to ignore is the Demcorts tried to eat their own and failed. Lamont failed to win after securing the nomination and Joe is still a Senator. So please Mr. Begala don't preach to the right about compromise. Please don't claim that the right is extreme. Wasn't it Obama who jammed the ill fated bailout down our throats with the Statement "because I won"? Wasn't it Obama who once rammed through what is likely an unconstitutional health care law with the statement "elections have consequences"? Wasn't it the Demcorats who primaried Ned Lamont against the former Vice Pr3esidential Nominee? Wasn't it the democrats that primaried Banche Lincoln from the left? Stop the nonesense Begala, it is the left that is extreme. We are a center right country ideologically. The socialist democrats long ago took over your party. It is the democrats that are extreme and unwilling to compromise. Republicans are the only ones pushing ideas for the economy. The Democrats push gimmicks and feel good messages that have no prayer of being enacted. When you have an alternative idea why not have the Democrat controlled Senate pass a budget so it can be reconciled with the house version already passed? Stop whining Begala, it is your party that has forgotten the moderates and left the country behind. Please Mr. Begala, Who placed their party before the country? Certainly appears the Democrats are much more guilty than the Republicans.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Obama has floated the campaign slogan of Forward despite its obvous Socialistic origins. My question is forward towards what? Moving forward with over 8 percent unemployment? Moving forward towards less workforce participation? Moving forward towards unsustainable deficits? Moving forward towards unconsitutional legislation? Moving forward towards legalizing illegal immigration? Moving forward towards less home ownership? Moving forward towards gretaer government involvement in our daily lives? Moving foward towards less freedoms? With all of these questions surrounding the Obama administration, one would have thought perhaps a different slogan than forward would have been used. The 2010 elections should have been informative to this adminsitration if only to show them Americans had a deire to slow down the government advancement on our freedoms. Americans choked at the idea that Obama and his enablers on the left were taking away American freedom in the name of social justice. We are a resourceful nation that up to now won't accept failure. However, if Obama is reelected we will become a nation that accepts failure. We will become a Nation that accepts defeat and realize that we are a Nation in decline. Under Obama his one time $800 billion stimulus became part of the normal government spending in the following years. Under Obama we had the first trillion dollar annual deficit and he has never had a budget that reduces below a trillion dollars a year. Obama is fond of blaming Bush for the recession but it is Obama that has failed to get us out of the ditch. See Obaam always claimed it was Bush and the Republicans that drove us into the ditch and that it was him that was going to get us out of the ditch. Yet, here we sit three years into Obama's reign and we still have 8.2% unemployment. Three years in and the housing market still hasn't found the bottom. Three years and we still haven't moved forward an inch toward recovery. One quarter we did have good growth in excess of 4%. Then we went backwards again to a growth rate that can't keep up with population growth. Under Obama our individual wealth has declined. Currently we have almost 50% of the people not paying taxes yet, this President has divided the nation along class lines and expects the biggest producers to give Obama even more of their hard earned income. Three years with no results. Obama tries to claim the hero mantle by taking credit for Osama Bin Laden. Obama may have looked more of a hero had he shown modesty and gave credit to the Seals who conducted the operation. Obama single handed made what should have been a positive into an actual negative. Being humble is not one of the President's character traits. True heroes will always downplay their role and give credit to the others that made their feat seem the only way possible. Real heroes don't divide a Nation, they heal a nation. Real heroes don't need to take credit fore credit will be foisted upon them. Real heroes don't blame others for their failures, they accept responsibility and move twords fixing the problem. Real heroes and leaders understand that moving forward is not the best way to get out of the ditch. See to get out of the ditch one need to take their foot off the pedal and let the car come to rest. Rather than spin the wheels digging us in deeper and deeper a leader would have assessed the situation and perhaps move the car backwards towards more solid footing and then accelerated out of the ditch. See just moving forward will only get us farther away from the road and deeper into the muck. I can't believe the president doesn't understand that accelerting into the ditch will only make it that much harder to get out. See anyone with a 4 wheel drive understands that the only time 4 wheel drive's have an imapct on getting out of the ditch is if they are in 4 wheel drive to begin with. Using four wheel drive and accelerating after the fact only makes the situation worse. I certainly don't want to continue down the path of misery. I want my children to have an opportunity to excel. Obama is moving on down the path of decline is that the path forward the Ntion wants to move?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Raising Children Is A Career

Let's all face reality, staying at home and raising children is a full time job. It takes 20-25 years years to raise a family from birth through college and on to financial stabilty. Ensuring kids are able to participate in various activities, the stay at home mom must juggle the calendar and balance the books. It is the moms of the world that make sure there is a next generation. It is through being at home with the children that family values are passed on to the next generation. Rather than have society raise our children, stay at home moms rasie their own children. Yes raising a family and forsaking a corporate career is a choice but raising a family is hard work and a career and all for no income.

The left attacked stay at home mothers because of the choices and committments they made. See the decision to have a family has far reaching implications. Children don't raise themselves. Children will pick up on most of the things in their environment, so who do we want raising our children: the streets or parents? I don't want public schools teaching my children things that I should be teaching. I want my children to share my values, my morals, and my ethics. I don't want my children to grow up thinking the government owes them something. I don't want my children growing up thinking the only beliefs that matter are the school teachers belief and values.

I for one do not hold anything against the women that want a corporate career. That is the choice they make. However, criticizing mothers that do stay at home to honor their committment to family is also important.The left knows they made a mistake in criticiizng Ann Romney as never having to work. So the left rather than admit the mistake doubled down. Many in the media are busy pushing the meme that raising children is not a career. The Daily Beast and Politico to name a few. See the liberal media knows that the Hilary Rosen attack was supposed to show how out of touch Romney was because of the wealth he earned. The problem is they attacked mothers for the choices they made.

See Tara McGuiness from "Politiico" uses numbers without background to push the meme that working outside the home is not a choice to many. The problem is her numbers only say how many women work outside of the home. She doesn't delve in to see how many actually are actually required to work to make ends meet. In my own family there was only one breadwinner while the other stayed at home. Certainly there were sacrifices that had to be made but never did anyone in my family ever go to bed hungry. My children didn't have the luxury of having every new toy that came out or all of the latest fashion. We didn't eat out or go to the movies very often but we made a living and raised a family. Now my children are grown and mostly through college of which we were able to pay out of our own pockets. We started out below the poverty line but never took handouts. As the bread winners career sproutng eventually family income rose above the poverty line to where we are now which is middle class and above the median income of the US. So it can be done, it all depends on what is more important: the material things and a career outside the home or a family and a career rasing children. Now to be sure if the left thinks raising children is not a full time career, I would suggest they go visit a day care center and come back and tell me there are no full time employees in these centers.

Friday, April 13, 2012


President Obama weighed in on the Family moms issue yesterday. Instead of taking the high road with the rest of his own campaign and denounce Hilary Rosen's ill advised attack on stay at home moms, Obama decided to double down and retort "Michelle didn't have the luxury of staying at home and raising his children". My question is what is meant by luxury?

Wasn't it luxurious to purchase a million dollar home Hyde park? How about the additional money to purchase a little extra land from Tony Rezco? How about sending his children to private school versus public schools? Are the the luxuries Obama is speaking about? I mean he certainly didn't want to give up any of his luxuries to rasie children. That of course would have been a punishment for having children. Rather than make a conscious decision to raise a family, Obama instead wanted a life of luxury. Instead of focusing on the committment to raise a family, it was Obama that decided it was a good idea to have Michelle work as well as him so they didn't have to give up anything. Anything that is witht he exception of raising his own kids.

I say that because when both parents work, someone else is raising your children. it is someone else that is providing nurturing for a greater amount of time in a child's life. Obama didn't have the luxury of making the chioce with Michelle to be a stay at home mom because he was a self centered, materialistic person that refused to give up some of his luxuries to raise a family. See there is not much a of a decision here. Many middle class families make the conscious decision to raise a family and have stay at home mom's. Certainly my family did just that in the 1990's and family income was less than $40,000 per year. I didn't have the luxury to pal around with the likes of Bill Ayers. I didn't have the luxury of dealing with the Tony Rezco's of the world. I didn't have the luxury of voting present. But what I did have was a family of my own. One raised by both parents, one of which was a stay at home mom. My family gave up on some of the materialistic luxuries to gain the luxury of family love. I wonder who is more out of touch? Ann Romney who raised 5 children or Barack Obama who paid others to raise his children while he was busy playing golf? Bottom line is Obama had plenty of time and luxuries, all at the expense of a family.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pro Choice

The left and Democrats are the people waging war on women. Left wing politcal activist, Hilary Rosen, went on "Anderson Cooper 360" yesterday and made the claim that Ann ROmney couldn't possibly advise her husband on woman's issues because "she has never worked a day in her life". So here we have an advocate for women's issues belittling the choices woman have to make in their life. Sorry Hilary, but what you said about Ann is an attack on women that don't agree with you or make the same choices that you did.

Hilary says "But most young American women HAVE to BOTH earn a living AND raise children." Is that really true? Most young women? I would say that is simply not true. Working or not working while raising children is a choice most of the time. I would think the exception may be single mothers. Other than in the case of single mothers the rest is all about choices.

See people make the choice of career versus raising children. I have no issues with those choices. Some will choose to stay at home and raise their own children rather than have institutional day care upbringings. To the left the only choices that are really allowed are the ones they made. Women should choose careers over family. Women should chose to abort babies rather than raise a family. Really what she is saying is sure we need women to have a choice but all we really want is for women to make the same choices she obviously did.

Let me tell you, my family made a conscious decision to have a stay at home mom. Together we decided it would be far better to raise our own chldren rather than have some else spend more time with them than we did as there parents. We made sacrifices and couldn't purchase all of the materialistic toys we wanted but we certainly put food on the table and had some left over for a few of the toys we wanted. Our children are better for it. They are more prepared to deal with idiots like Ms. Rosen who claim to be advocates for women than turn around and belittle them. Does Hilary really think it is not a full time job to raise children? Then why does it cost so damn much for child care centers?Does Hilary believe that just because women don't work outside the home, then they couldn't possibly know what economic issues women are facing? I would venture a gues that stay at home mom's understnd the economic issues far better than a career driven political activist. See the stay at home mother's have far less income than they would if they worked. Stay at home moms have to balance the books with less money and still work hard raising the children.

I am pro choice. The left isn't. See the difference between the left and the right is this: The left claims they want the freedom of choice but only see one side of the story. The right is about freedom and understands that a choice implies at least two different alternatives. This so called war on women is the left's war agianst them and not the right's. Rosen is a self centered elitist. She believes in choice as long as it is the same choice she would make. The left is about their own rights, the right is concerned with everyone's rights. The right believes in individual freedom, the left only believes in the freedom of government to impose its will on the people.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Obama Administration Never Takes Responsibility

The Obama administration never takes responsibility for anything. Sure they like to take credit for everything that is good news but never responsibility for anything bad that happens. Last week a scathing Inspector General report came out oncerning a wasteful spending conference held by the General Service Agency. This waste cost tax payer over $800,000. This was a 28% increase from two years earlier. The conference was held in Las Vegas, even after Obama himself told businesses that they shouldn't be in Vegas for any conferences because of the negative perceptions of the city. Now instead of coming out and taking responsibility the administration blames the whole fiasco on Bush.

The administration said the cost of the GSA conference went up dramatically under Bush. Additionally the adminsitration claims "at least they have taken bold, swift, and forceful action". The problem is they didn't take bold, swift, and forceful action. The administration knew about this since 2010 and now it is almost two years later before we the people hear about it. Does that sound swift to you? As far as being bold and forceful, well people did get fired but not until after the scathing report by the IG. Two years after the fact, the administration takes action in a face saving effort not because of the feeling of obligation to the tax payers. This is the same adminsitration that can't find budget cuts and must rely upon huge tax increases and small reductions in planned growth in oder to get our deficit spending to under a trillion dollars a year. This is the same administration that won't accept responsibility for operation fast and furious. This is the same administration that is blaming republicans for the poor performing economy. Everywhere one turns it is someone else's fault.

Now is the time to send this administration a message; we are tired of your failures, tired of your poor leadership, and tired of a poor economy. We don't want your tax increases unless spending is truly cut. Don't just cut growth of the budget expenditures, we want cuts. For a change, let's spend less money next year than we did this year. It can be done, inflation has not grown much in the down economy, yet our budget has increased almost 30%. Cut spending and make government leaner and more efficient, then ask for tax increases if we are still runinning deficits. I'll give that the economy was in the tank when Obama took office. The problem isn't that the economy was in the tank in 2008, the problem is that it is still in the tank in 2012. I'll even give the adminsitration some credit and say some of the 2009 deficit is Bush's issue. However, the budget never decreased back to where we were at in 2009 and won't be ever again. This is a shame that the President can't see that his policies have failed America and we will never grow our selves out of trillion dollar deficits, nor will wwe be able to tax our way out of the deficits. We need bold action not a passing of the blame. In the case of this conference by GSa it is Obam's fault, it happened 2 years after Bush left office. Take responsibility and explain to the American people why exactly a tax increase is so necessary when tax dollars are readily being wasted.