Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thirteen Days

The Iowa caucuses will be held in thirteen days. Two weeks from today the candidates will be either rushing to New Hampshire to capture the momentum from the night before or considering dropping their campaign and endorsing one of the other candidates. After Iowa I fully expect one or two of the candidates to bow out to consider their options. The remaining candidates will rush to New Hampshire in hopes of building even more momentum. My hope is that the Republicans can come to the realization they need to rally behind one candidate and do it sooner rather than later. Romney has said he expects the nomination process to be drawn out. I for one thing that is a bad mistake. While a drawn out nomination process seemed to work for the democrats in 2008, we must remember that was another time and the conditions on the ground today are not what they were in 2008.

In 2008, Hillary and Obama could afford a long drawn out nomination process. The republicans did not stand a chance of winning without a major mistake by whomever they selected. They could afford to debate on who they liked the best because they were going to win hands down. All the Republicans could hope for is to keep the margins close enough to have something to build on. The problem with a long drawn out process this year is that the election is not a foregone conclusion and in fact the republican will probably start the general election off behind.

Another difference is the Democrats in Congress controlled agenda. The democrats were focused on nothing but winning the next election. The Republicans this year are only in control of the house and they are not setting the agenda. The Republicans are allowing themselves to be outmaneuvered by the President and the Democrats in the Senate. The Republican establishment is not unified with the party faithful. The Republicans are not playing politics in a way that will win them the hearts and minds of the American electorate. In short the Republicans are not disciplined.

The republicans are in dire need of selecting their candidate early, no later than super Tuesday. The establishment republicans need some leadership and the candidate can help set their agenda. Maybe then, the Republicans can set their agenda and make the side line President actually start having to come up with an actual agenda instead of more of the same failed policies of the past three years. Remember we have 13 days until Iowa, we need to start selecting the right candidate and giving him or her all of our backing and support. The only focus of the Republican party should be on beating President Obama in 2012. Stop the infighting and stop playing politics. Any of the Republicans can beat Obama. We just need to figure the one that will keep Obama on the defensive and make him run on his first term and his vision against the Republican vision. We just need the standard bearer to project the vision and sooner is better than later.

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