Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tax and Spend; Tax and Spend Some More

The Democrats are absolutely ridiculous with their tax and spend philosophy. All we have heard is how the evil Republicans just won't relent. Propose a Social Security killing payroll tax cut off set by even larger tax increases on the so called rich. Want more education spending raise more taxes on the so called rich. Want more spending on green energy tax the so called rich. That is all this President and the democrats know; tax and spend.

In July the President and his enablers in the US Senate brought our country to the brink of default by demanding an unlimited debt ceiling. The only proposal for decreasing the deficit forwarded by the Democrats was a tax the rich proposal. The Presidnet of course frames this as fairness. Of course the President has never seen a non defense related program he disliked. Every government program that is not related to defense has some value to someone, cutting it would be like taking food from a baby. The democrats have gutted social security on this President's watch and are doing nothing but claim everything would be all right if only the evil republicans would increase taxes on the rich.

I say no more tax increases, no more payroll tax gimmicks, no more revenue for the federal government until the Democrats are serious about cutting governmnet spending. Government spending should be limited to between 15 and 20% of GDP. Start off as a target of 17.5% and when the next recession comes increase spending to no more than 20% and when and if the next boom comes reduce that spending to 15%. Right now our government is opeerating at almost 24% of GDP. That is too mch governmnet and not enough private spending. The governmnet does not add to demand. Government spending is a drain on the economy. The bureaucrats continue getting in the way and taking money from others to foolishly spend on companies that are doomed to bankruptcy. Get out of the way of entreprenuers and the economy will boom. Stay with the government knows best philosophy of the Democrast and we are doomed to the dust heap of history.

We have to get serious about our budget deficits. We can't expect to continue promising benefits today on money borrowed from the future. This wimpy syndrome of taking a burger today for payment tomorrow has to stop. Tomorrow never comes for even as the bills come due all we do is borrow more or print more. The US dollar is in the tank because of our monetary policy and democratic policy of buying friends. The elitist always want to give other peoples money away all the way sheltering and hiding their own. Is it any wonder why the best people to ask for charity are conservatives? We need to get real and vote out evry democrat possible. The tax and spend philosophy is ruining my grandchildren's future.

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