Saturday, December 24, 2011

Republicans Self Destructing

The Republican party is self destructing right before our eyes. Instead of carrying the message and placing the President and the Democrats on the the defensive, the republicans are giving the message away and acting irresponsible. There is currently a lack of leadership within the republican party. America needs leadership right now and yet the elitist ranks seem devoid of the leadership qualities necessary to run our country.

Obama is a behind the scenes take credit for successes and shift blame for failures kind of leader. In other words not a leader at all but rather an opportunistic follower. Obama has not lead on any issue. Obama's foreign policy is a disaster whether it is alienating our allies or not having the experience to recognize that Mubarak was far better for American National Security than the Muslim Brotherhood or the salafists. Obama decided to follow the french and British lead and take out Gadaffi in Libya and yet allow Bashar Assad stand in Syria. The Russians took Hillary and Obama's "reset" button and test fired nuclear missiles. Finally, Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Hillary, and the rest all claim they didn't know about the ATF gun running program named "Fast and furious". Domestically, Obama watched from the sidelines as the Democrats pushed a failed $787 billion dollar stimulus program. Obama stood the sidelines and watched the democrats takeover American health care with a bill that no one knows what is in it. Our economy is in the tank and all Obama can come up with is another mini stimulus just like his first big failure.

Yet with all of these issues Obama is rising in the approval polls. The Democrats were able to gain the popular support for starving the Social Security trust fund of revenue's. Instead of strengthening social security Democrats have weakened the fund. Rather than secure the safety net, Obama has managed to run it into the ground. Class warfare is currently working in the Democrats favor as the Republicans dropped the ball and look like they are unwilling to raise taxes on the rich yet allow tax increases on the middle class. I'm not sure how that happened but it is ridiculous. The Democrats are winning today but will scalp the middle class tomorrow when even larger tax increases are required to keep America bobbing along the economic bottom. Boehner and McConnell looked incompetent in December turning what should have been a victory into defeat.

Now we find that those with Presidential aspirations couldn't even run a campaign properly. Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Santorum didn't even get on the ballot in Virginia. The absence of these candidates from the ballot in as important of State as Virginia leaves me shaking my head. Virginia is going to be a must win State for the Republican nominee and yet the only Republicans gaining access to the ballot were Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. If the field can't run a campaign right, how do we trust them to run the Presidency. The Republicans are devoid of leadership at a time when our country needs leadership the most. I certainly hope the nominee is fairly well selected by the end of January so the Republican party is able to show its candidate from a leadership perspective because if the Republicans can't show they are better than this Obama will be able to finish running America into the ground.

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