Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rebuild America

The news has been grim lately regarding the health of the American economy. Our government is at a standstill. The left won't compromise and won't allow any measure pass that would take away the only message Obama has to run on; a do nothing Congress. The right for its part has been inept allowing the tax and spend liberals to claim they are for tax reductions on the middle class. America is run by the elitists from both sides of the isle and we the people have no recourse but to accept whatever the latest elitist view is claimed. This needs to change and change soon or there will be no America. The heart land of the country is not heard. Take the tea party and the occupiers and hear what they are really saying. While these a two very different groups in both what they believe and how they protest their government it doesn't change the fact that their message is similar. Middle America has to fend for themselves or the elitists will leave us nothing but the crumbs.

The is little doubt left that America needs to get the money out of politics. Instead of allowing Obama to raise somewhere near $1 billion dollars to run for elected office we should force him to do the job he was elected to do. Insted of allowing wall street and K street to continue pumping millions of dollars into their prefferred candidates lets rid our country of the special interest and corporate money in our political elections. With as much money as is currently required to run for office all we get are rich politicians that are beholden to their special interest groups rather than the American people. Lets not allow the elitists to provide the money that allows our great country to be ruled rather than led. Make all campaigns publicly funded. Force network stations provide fair and equal time to all candidates. There has to be a vialble way to get the money out of the campaigns.

Once the money is out of the elections, Americans need to believe in candidates that are of main street and not wall street. Believe me, Warren Buffet, Geoff Immelt, and Jon Corzine do not know what middle class Americans are feeling. Donald Trump and Mitt Romney haven't felt what the middle class feels. They don't understand that when middle America goes bankrupt the banks don't feel sorry for them and turn around and provide more money for them to try to make it in another endeavor. Who is more likely to feel the pain of the working poor and middle class, your neighbor or Nancy Pelosi? Why do we continue to insist that we need a candidate with elitist credentials? Why do we insist that our candidates a intelligent as based upon an Ivy league education? We do we complain about the rich 1% and then turn around and keep electing them into our government to lead us?

Never before have I believed that the vast middle of America was capable of being Presdiential. However, over the last couple of decades, I have changed my mind. Our career politicians only have elitist ideas that never work. I haven't seen a president with principles and conviction since Ronald Reagan. I have sen Presidents cheat on their spouses, lie to the American people, start wars, ignore the economy, make enemies of our allies and bring political correctness to the level of a third grader not being able to tell a teacher they are cute without being removed from school for sexual harrassment. The elitists have made a mockery of our country. A common middle class citizen from the middle class could do no worse. Our politicians are leaving our country in ruins. Unless we the people take our government back from the elitists we are doomed to follow the great powers of the past into the dust bin of history. The elitists have failed us. We need a President and politicians that come from the grand middle of America. We have a government of the people why wouldn't our leaders be peers just like our jury panels? Want to rebuild America? Get rid of the elitists that are our career politicians. Follow through and vote out the incumbent politicans. Clean house and place middle America back in charge.

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