Thursday, December 8, 2011

National Popular Vote a Bad Idea

The initiative to allocate State electoral votes based on the National vote is a bad idea. The National popular vote initiatives will reduce the power of the States. It will take the election totally away from the citizens and place elections squarely in the hands of the special interests. Rather than have Presidential candidates visit individual states where the individual voters are located, candidates will be enabled to visit only the highly populated States like California, Texas, New York, and Florida. Instead of there being at least some battleground States where the candidates have to present themselves we would only see the candidates on TV as they visited the most populus States.

National Popular vote is a dream of the liberal left to reduce the impact of the smaller less populated States. The liberal elite will always attempt to find ways to keep power int he hands of the elitists. These initiatives will further erode the power of the individiual states which in turn will reduce the power of the individual. The National Popular vote is a bad idea fromt he party known for Governmental power grabs. Don't fall for the twisted logic; vote against any National Popular vote initiative. Any alternative should allocate by congressional district with the two electors voting by State popular vote. Similar to Nebraska and Maine. Please remember these initiatives spawned out of the left losing the 2000 election to Bush, even after the pathetic pawns in the media attempted to give Al Gore the election victory by calling Florida incorrectly even as the polls remianed open in Florida.

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