Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Great Day for Republicans

today was a great day for Republicans. First they got their Defense budget through. Second Paul Ryan announced his bi partisan medicare plan and finally the Republican candidates for President all looked very strong and electable. Republicans shined in ever facet of politics today.

What makes the the day better is the Republicans are able to turn Obama's message around on him. It is Obama that is threatening a veto and the Democrats in the Senate that are refusing to vote on a tax cut for the middle class. Obama who is raiding the Social Security trust fund by forcing payments that we are not collecting in FICA taxes. Yet the Republicans have been able to put together a Jobs bill that will keep in place the middle class tax cut and create jobs at the same time. This exposes Obama for what we already knew he was; an empty suit. Obama has been campaigning on creating jobs and the evil republicans who won't let him. It is Obama that has created the class warfare. All these anti American activities by Obama are part of his political campaign. Yet he threatens to veto a tax cut for the middle class and a jobs bill that is minimally going to create 20,000 jobs and bring $6.5 billion of economic activity.

Next Paul Ryan has been able to refine a medicare plan that will bring real reform to the failing program in coordination with Senator Wyden. A bi partisan bill that of course the uncompromising President has already came out against, even without knowing the details of what it is proposed to do. Obama has to be able to keep his "Republicans want to kill grandma" meme going or he risks losing Seniors in large droves just like he is already losing losing the millenials.

Finally, the Republican debate tonight showed that the Republicans can not really do anything wrong no matter which candidate they chose to represent them. From Newt to Santorum, from Romney to Bachmann, from Perry to Paul, and even Huntsman they all looked strong and capable. Every candidate stayed within the issues and attacked Obama more than the Republicans on stage. Sure there were a few attacks but mainly over political or policy belief differences. We all knew the candidates were not exactly alike and agree on everything. I would have to say Newt did no damage and Romney probaly won the night. Perry did a great job and Bachmann solidify her voting block. Paul is out of the mainstream Republican party with Iran but he has economics down pat. I am unsure right now of whom to support in the primary. If the election were held today I would lean towards Newt. The good thing for me is that after tonight I think all the Republicans looked strong and I will definitely and enthusiastically vote for any of these candidates. It may well yet turn into a banner year for Republicans with a mandate to boot.

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