Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Democrats are Out of Ideas

The President decided that rather than except that he is nothing more then a second Jimmy Carter administration desperately sun that the Republicans are the party of no. The problem is that it is the President and Democrats that are the party of no. The Democrats are out of ideas and nearly out of time. The President has been pushing more of the same failed stimulus ideas he pressed in 2009. America has rejected his ideas for stimulus, yet he offers more of the same. Obama claims his riding of the Social Security lock box is a tax cut, yet there is no way for us to be able to gain those dollars back into the government coffers even though the Democrats have made promises to keep the pyramid scheme going indefinitely. Obama, like Pelosi believe extending unemployment benefits create jobs. Obama and the democrats believe the so called rich are a bottomless pit of money to be confiscated.

SO the reality is that the economy is in dire straights. While Obama claims the economy is improving and he has been busy cleaning up Bush's mess, the truth is the last three Quarters of GDP are .7%, 1.1 % and 2.0 % growth. This year will come in at less than 2% growth for the year and Obama claims this as an improvement? Our economy hasn't grown enough to come close to keeping up with Obama's spending increases. Obama points to the 8.6% unemployment rate as an improvement without mentioning that the decline in unemployed is more because 315,000 people left the workforce. Obama's job created numbers of 120,000 last month didn't even keep up with population increases of work age people. Obama's stimulus ideas have failed.

Now the President likes to talk about fairness, balance, and compromise. Yet who is saying NO? Who is threatening to make the veto? Who is stomping around like a child who didn't get their way. Who is throwing the temper tantrum? Obama won't compromise. Obama is all about Obama. Any idea he has is supposedly balanced and fair. The reality is his ideas are far left failures. The Republicans passed a bill that would give Obama his precious reduction in social security taxes but would also create jobs in construction. The bill would be paid for by extending Obama's freeze on pay for federal employees. Yet Obama threatens a veto. We must ask why Obama is so uncompromising. The reason is Obama couldn't possibly have a Congress that gets something done. Obama couldn't stand it if the Congress wasn't stalled. Obama wouldn't have anything to run on if the Senate actually brought bills forward and forced the President to use his veto. See it is the Democrats that are uncompromising. The Democrast in the Senate that won't come up with new ideas but also won't allow votes on Republican ideas. The party of no, the party of no ideas, the party of no compromise is the Democrats led by Obama.

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