Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Clip Board President

President Obama is beginning to remind me of the clip board carrying second string Quarterback. You know the one that sits on the sidelines all year in a baseball cap that receives the same super bowl ring that the rest of the team receives. You know the player that rarely if ever gets his game day jersey dirty. The Obama presidency has been much the same. Obama has done very little except sit on the sidelines, come in at the end of the game during mop up time and taking credit for the work of others.

This is exactly what happened when the Democrats jammed health care down our throats. He sat by as the democrats twisted arms and bought off Democratic Congressmen and Senators, then once all the votes were cast and a democratic victory assured Obama comes in and taunts the Republicans. This is what happened with his economy. Except this time the mop duty is not out of victory but out of defeat. Obama is only in the game because the Democrats are out of ideas and out of time. Here comes Obama blaming others but trying to put points on the board to make the final score look respectable.

Many of the pathetic pawns in the MSM say this is leadership. They claim that Obama is super smart and has a behind the scenes leadership style. The republicans have called this what it is; "President Present". Obama is never around when ideas are needed. Obama is either on vacation, on the court, or on the links. As America was facing a downgrade in our credit rating Obama decided it was best to go on vacation and dream up talking points to be able to push his failures on to others, in others words making points at the end of the game trying to make it a much closer game then the score otherwise indicates. Sorry liberal establishment but sitting the sidelines and carrying a clipboard containing the plays that a true leader is calling in the huddle, is not leadership. No way, don't fall for a second rate quarterback that would rather keep his uniform clean then come to the game and lead to victory. Obama was out of ideas in his first 90 days. Once he signed his stimulus plan and moved on to health care, Obama was out of ideas.

Rather than understanding the defense or in this case the the structural economic issues, Obama took his eye off the economy and focused on his receiver. In Obama's case his receiver was his Union constituents waiting to catch more government money. Obama claims its the evil Republicans that haven't lifted a finger, yet the democrats controlled the house by overwhelming numbers and a filibuster proof Senate that refused to pass a budget. Obama claims a do nothing Congress yet Obama's only signed laws amount to an unsuccessful stimulus and an unpopular health care bill. The economy is stagnate and Obama still sits on the sidelines.

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