Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Is Colin Powell Speaking About Republican Politics?

In 2008, Colin Powell decided that for no other reason than race he would endorse Obama for President. Powell once well respected in Bush circles sold out to a left wing ideologue when he endorsed Obama and in the process lost any voice to those moderates and conservative voters. His voice on Republican politics is ridiculous and today's example is pathetic. Why on earth would he think his left wing talking points masked as coming from a so called moderate republican matter to anyone other than the media lap dogs.

Powell is not in the know any longer when it comes to Republican politics.
Powell is not connected enough to understand the state of the American electorate. So today's appearance on ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" has no meaning except that it validates that the pathetic pawns in the media will do anything to get their man reelected. See saying that the tea party is unwilling to compromise and that the American public will not go for the no compromise candidate will fall on deaf ears. This is Obama's talking point no matter how false and untrue it is. See Pat Toomey, a tea party candidate did compromise and provided Obama and the Democrats a way out of their "just do nothing and blame Republicans" mantra by providing the tax revenue increase the left needed to make a compromise. By revamping the tax code and making it fairer, tax revenues would have increased. This is what Obama and the Democrats claim all they want. Tax revenue increases for spending reductions. The problem is that had the Democrats compromised they would no longer be able to lay blame on the Republicans. The democrats would no longer just be able to do absolutely nothing.

See Obama and his three word chants like "we can't wait" has to wait until the election. There is no way the economy is going to improve enough to give him a chance to run on his own record so he has to be able to blame someone. Of course blaming someone else is all Obama has ever done. For all of his talk Obama has never taken ownership of anything including his own failed policies. Instead we get the likes of Colin Powell who sold out for race a long time ago. Maybe if Powell had been honest and informed the public that the Senate Democrats are sitting on 22 house passed jobs bills, or that the Democrat led Senate hasn't passed a budget in over two years, perhaps then he could have spoken of his great compromising philosophy. We all know Powell will compromise his principles for his race. Now his words ring hollow. They are more empty Obama rhetoric and talking points.

Hey Mr. Powell wasn't it Obama who wouldn't compromise on health care? Wasn't it Obama who told the Republicans "I won" and "elections have consequences". Wasn't it Obama who wouldn't even listen to his own commission? Isn't the Democrats who turned down every offer the Republicans made? Isn't it the Democrats who sit on every house bill without bringing them to the floor for a vote? Isn't it the Democrats who are always saying no while offering no ideas of their own? The Demcorats in the Senate act like they are in the minority. Let me tell you the Democrats will again be the minority party in all of Congress. I know Obama must go if we are to save our country but with the pathetic pawns in media fawning over their failed President, I'm not sure how close they can make the election. At any rate the worst case scenario is going to be that Obama will be a lame duck President that will either veto a lot of bills or will have to compromise with Republicans. Additionally, the Republicans will be in no compromising mood after Obama runs the most negative campaign ever. Sorry Mr. Powell, you are not a spokesman for Republicans, we don't need you entering into our primary race. Just sit on the sidelines and vote your race, the republicans neither want nor need you and your vote.

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