Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Sign of the Times

Here is a sign that says it all. A sign that shows what is wrong with the Ocuppiers and the liberal establishment. See Occupiers you are not entitled to a job. See liberals you are not entitled to your tax and spend philosophies. See what happens when you kill the job producers you have no jobs.

Now here is what is wrong with the American left and the ocupiers screaming to receive something for absolutely nothing. See no one is entitled to a job. No one is entitled to make a living wage. No one is entitled to make any money whatsoever and no one is entitled to receive something simply because they attended a college or university. See when all a liberal can do is tax the job producers more they simply just stop creating jobs. When a business can no longer afford to keep hiring they simply stop. When a business can not afford to keep those already employed they simply layoff people or fire them. See the job creators need a reason to continue producing and creating jobs. This comes at a cost. Owners, CEOs, and investors have to be able to make a return on their investments. When a normal profit is unable to be obtained businesses stop hiring people.

Now I wish I had thought of this type of campaign. This is what more businesses should be displaying. Get the facts out there. Under the liberal entitlement programs businesses like this are unable to expand. The taxes are choking off investment in the future. Those that feel entitled to a high paying job rather earning that high paying job are the reason businesses like this are refusing to jire until the direction of the country changes. Let there be no doubt, the problem with the labor market is the liberal establishment and entitlement generation.

I have some advice for the entitlement genration. This advice was given to me during a leadership class by an inspirational speaker. The advice is this: Always remember that all any employer owes a worker is the previously worked hours. The employer does not owe you a job tomorrow. Work tomorrow is earned by working hard today. See in order to have meaningful employment we must give everything we have to produce for the business. Once we are no longer productive the company doesn't owe us anymore than the hours we previously worked. Sorry liberals but no one is entitled to a job and this is a sign of the times. Liberal elitists and entitlement freeloaders are choking off American productivity. Get over it, take a bath, and get a job.

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