Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paul Krugman is no Intellectual

Please Mr. Krugman, I thought you were an economist and not a liar. You are making the wrong argument and then using numbers to lie in order to make your argument. Here is the truth on the surge in spending by Obama. In 2008, the last full Bush year as President we spent $2.9 trillion dollars. In 2001, the just completed fiscal year under Obama we spent $3.83 trillion. That Mr. Krugman is in fact a 24% expansion of government in three years.

A 24 % expansion of government in a time when inflation has been almost non-existent is a surge. In fact, Krugman and his ilk were imploring Obama to spend more to ward off deflation. In a time when we don’t give cost of living increases to our senior citizens because there was not an increase in costs (inflation) we expand government 24%. How does the intellectual left like Krugman not call this an expansion. There is no doubt the cost of government increased. It is plainly laid out in bottom line figures. Now Mr. Krugman wants to get all intellectual and use government spending as a percentage of GDP to plead his case that Obama didn’t have a surge in spending. Why not use straight forward bottom line figures? Let me tell you Krugman can’t use simple numbers, simply because it doesn’t allow him to lie for the far left administration. It took a far left liberal to break the bank on trillion dollar deficits. It takes a liar to try to make it seem insignificant. Mr. Krugman until you have a rational explanation of how a 24% increase in spending over three years is not an expansion of government, please sit on the sidelines and keep your lying mouth shut. Numbers don’t lie, people do and that is what you are doing Mr. Krugman.

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