Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupiers: America's Freeloaders

Finally, we are beginning to figure out what the Occupy Wall Street protests were all about and it isn't pretty. The movement that has captured the left is nothing more than a movement of freeloaders. It is the entitlement generation believing they are entitled to other peoples money. They protest wall street for making profits but in all likelihood if their own liberal arts degrees could land them a lucrative wall street job they would take it and run all the way to the banks they rebel against.

The moment has come for rallying behind a demand. What we find is a demand to forgive student debt. Debt that was voluntarily agreed upon. There was a time in this country when one's word was a bond. A sacred trust between two people. Now it seems that word is only good until the one side gets what it wants. The young liberal educated demand debt forgiveness. See they were promised by the liberal elite that once they received a degree they would be set for life. The problem is that these students didn't obtain a degree with tangible skills. Instead they fell into the liberal arts programs that don't qualify them for much more than becoming the local librarian.

Newt was right in telling these freeloaders to take a bath and get a job. Mika is wrong with her hateful screed this morning. These occupiers feel they should again receive something for nothing. Debt forgiveness because they borrowed more than their degrees are worth. The occupiers made the mistakes and now they and their cheerleaders in the oval office and the liberal elitist media want a do-over. Forgive these miscreants their debt so they suck the government teat some more. Forgive the entitlement generation of responsibility so they can continue living off someone else. No more hard work just moan and groan and occupy a public park. Face it America, this is the culture cultivated by the liberal left. A culture steeped in irresponsibility. Just give the freeloaders more chances. In Obama's words "don't punish them for their mistakes". Just give the freeloaders everything they want. Take the money from the successful so the liberal elite may bring more entitlement generation votes to the table.

The occupiers need to be protesting the liberal elite. This includes the university chancellors, professors, counselors, and politicians. It was the American liberal establishment that made the promises. It is the occupiers who made the promises. It was the entitlement generation that made promises. Get over it, take a bath, cut your hair, take the ear rings out of your lips and noses, then go interview for a job. Pay off your debts. You know the debts you agreed to pay for when you signed your name. Quit occupying the parks. Stop being a freeloader and start becoming productive members of society.

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