Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Obama: America's Biggest Failure

Let's face it America, Obama is our biggest failure. In 2008, Obama was elected on a promise of hope and change. Obama was the anti Bush. We were tired of wars and our economy was a complete mess. Obama made many lofty promises and many bought into his snake oil. America didn't know the man they were electing. The media in their rush to fix their mistakes in both the 2000 and 2004 election engaged in journalistic oversight and refused to vet their candidate of choice. America had a fawning press push their chosen one and many took the press at their word and voted for an unknown.

Americagot what she deserved. America voted for an unvetted candidate. America allowed the media to commit journalistic heresy. America never demanded a hard look at Obama and what we received is far different than a intellectural Presdient we were promised. Obama constantly blames everyone else for his problems. He blamed Bush for the economy. He blamed racism for the health care debacle. He blamed Isreal for the Middle East mess. He blames Republicans for the massive spending spree. He has called Americans soft and lazy. He has stated that we just don't understand what it is he is doing for America. It was all him doing the heavy lifting while everyone else stood on the sidelines sucking up the slurpees. Little did we know that it was Obama's lack of intellect, lack of lack of leadership, lack of pride and patriotism, lack of communication, lack of empathy that would ruin this country. Obama lacks every skill and attribute that is necesary to govern.

Now Obama is busy blaming the economy on the Republican House. Never does Obama mention that it is the Democrats that have refused to compromise. It is the Democrats that refused to accept revenue increases in exchange for needed entitlement reforms. It is Obama who punted on the Keystone project costing America 200,000 jobs. It was Obama that led America to its first ever credit downgrade. it was Obama that introduced America to trillion dollar deficits. It was Obama that introduced America to 2% GDP growth recoveries. It was Obama that created the Student loan bubble. It was Obama that led to increased insurance premiums. It was Obama that lead to collapse of Solydra. It was Obama that is responsible for the jobless recovery. Yet as the President has shown himself to be a failure, we find ourselves listening to a President blame everybody else. Maybe the President should look into the mirror and reassess his position. If Obama had any common decency he would immediately state that he is declining to run for a second term for the sake of the nation.

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