Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dems Incapable Of Governing

The Dems on the deficit reduction committee walked away yesterday. That's right they just walked away. The Republicans had just backed away from their pledge of no new taxes and offered up $300 billion in tax increases. Instead of considering the offer the Dems dismissed it out of hand and didn't even bother with a counter offer. All Americans have to understand that the DEMs never had any intention of bargaining in good faith. The DEMs never intended on making a bi partisan deal. The Dems are only focused on keeping their power.

The economy has been in the tank for almost 4 years, what follows are the facts concerning our government during this entire economic nightmare. The Democrats held the Congress from JAN 2007 through JAN 2011. The DEMs immediately come into power and begin campaigning for the 2008 Presidential election. The dems did nothing except bash Bush for running the country in the ground. After 7 years of the Media bashing Bush the DEMs took another 11 months to tank the economy. The economy officially went into recesiion DEC 2007. This led to an orator becoming President. The Orator had no substance behind his words. The orator was an ideologue masked behind eloquent words and a fawning media. In JAN 2009, the great orator came into office promising that the unemployment rate would not rise above 8% if only we followed the democrat lead and spent almost $1 trillion dollars. The DEMS then forgot about the economy and moved on to health care. They jammed a bill down our throats without even reading what was in it because in the words of Nancy Pelosi "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it". After health care the President went on to Cap and trade and Immigration reform. Two additional agenda items that had nothing to do with the economy. Then because they were worried about losing power the DEMS decided they wouldn't even do their job and pass a budget for 2010. To this day the Senate has not passed a budget. That is the Democrat led Senate that is unable to do its job. The Democrats lost the House any way and the economy has been bobbing along a false bottom. In SEP of this year over two and a half years into his Presdiency Obama decided to introduce yet another dose of his previously failed stimulus package. More spending on many of the same programs that haven;t worked. Much of the spending was simply extending government payments to the unemployed and under employed. While this is hailed as stimulus spending all that spending does is keep the status qou because we were already spending that money. Now the DEMs walk away from a deficit committee. Why? In my opinion its because the DEMs are afraid.

The Republicans outsmarted the brainy left. Instead of sticking to their pledge not to raise taxes the Republicans compromised knowing the DEMs would never compromise. The whole Bi-partisan and balanced approach speech the President made were false just like all of his words. The Presidnet wants to win election based on a do nothing Congress. Yet it was him and his party that did nothing. Even now with a compromise on the table the DEMS walk away. It is the Republicans in the house that have passed a budget, passed 15 bills to get the economy moving, and compromised on raising taxes. It is the dEms that haven't the intestinal fortitude to pass a budget, the DEMS who won't pass a jobs bill, the DEMS who are unwilling to compromise. The bottom line is the DEMs are incapable of governing.

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