Friday, November 11, 2011

Crony Corruption

I find it ironic that the very organizations and people that are supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests are also the biggest perpetrators in scalping those they claim to support. Here is an example of a labor organization taking advantage of the poor in need. SEIU claims the parents of two children triken with cerebal palsy are public employees so they can skim off the top of state paid medicare benefits.

I find this tactic to be perverse and nothing more than a Democratic payoff to the unions for their financial support. See it was the Democrat led state wide government that authorizes the union to claim that parents are considered caregivers and thus state employees just so they can deduct union dues from needed medicare payments. It doesn't matter that the family could use the extra money in their pockets while under duress in very trying times. Nope, to the union all that matters is that they receive their cut. It doesn't matter that the parents do not wish to be part of the union, nope, the state automatically deducts union dues from the payment that is due to the parents. Now these parents have no real other benefits to belonging to this union. All they get out of the deal is lower medicare payments. In fact the union is taking away fees for absolutely no value added.

This is nothing more than crony corruption. It is a union payoff for campaign support. This taxpayer funded payoff hides this under the guise of union membership but alas it is nothing more than a bribe. Is it any wonder why the state of Michigan is in a steady state of decline? Is there any wonder why businesses do not want to relocate to such a decided corrupt state? This is just another example of the left paying off their buddies for support.

I find it difficult to see what is more corrupt the evil Corporations and bankers or the unions and professional left. At least the corporations and banks acknowledge they are in the business of turning profits and making money and not in the business of creating jobs. The Corporations and banks are at least honest in their goals. On the other hand, Unions and the political left claim to be for the little man. They claim to be for the poor. Yet in case after case it is proven they are exploiting the poor for a greater share of political power. They claim to be populists yet do nothing for the poor and needy except to rob them blind. Bureaucratic programs are designed to give just enough to keep the poor in line for future minimal payouts. They left preys on the poor by offering minimal value for free while never lifting a hand to actually move them up in class level. The programs are designed to keep the Unions and professional left content in their elitist minds that they are doing something good. Yet the same programs hide the fact that the unions and professional left are a bunch of hypocrites. Even Michael Moore has a hard time admitting he is part of the top 1% that is really unwilling to give up his fortune made by creating class warfare.

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