Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Put Your Money Up Libs!

I challenge the liberals in this country to put their money where their mouths are. Tell us how much you think is fair for the 1.7 million households that make over $250,000 annually. Tell us how much of the deficit should be on their backs. DO you think they can make a one time payment to the US government for debt reduction only. Could Warren Buffet afford $20 or $30 million? How about George Clooney? How about the professional athletes? How about the Obama's and Gore's? All that needs to happen is for the liberals to come off some money. There are 1.7 million households that make over $250,000. If they would make a one time donation to the government for an average of $6.8 million each, the rest of us could pay the rest of the debt off this year. Tell us how much the liberals are ready to donate and then so everyone has skin in the game, those of us earning less than $250,000 split the remaining balance of our National debt and we would save instantly $450 billion in interest payments.

I'm willing to pay my share, I'd be willing to donate twice my household income to pay off the national debt. All I ask in return is that we balance our budget year after year from here on out. We cut the programs that do not work. We reform programs that are unsustainable. We stop giving away other people's money for votes. We start being responsible. How about the LIBs are you in?

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Anonymous said...

No, we're not in. One of the perks of being a liberal is that we get to spend other people's money! See, it is not the rich that we hate, it is the immoral rich. Liberals make their money honestly and spend it wisey, while conservatives get their money through greed and can't be trusted to spend it in the proper ways.