Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Washington

There are protests going on around the country. America's frustration with high unemployment, an anemic economy, and endless bailouts are boiling over. Now some of the protestors are undoubtedly Marxist and come from the give me something for nothing crowd, but the message is clear; America is off its rails. I don't know when we started to derail, it has been a long slog to get to where we currently sit. The American left would have you believe this is all the fault of Republicans and blame the entire fiasco on Bush. The American right would have one believe Obama stepped on the gas and drove us further into the ditch. I would venture a guess that the current problems started much earlier. Our country is well overdue for a divisive struggle.

Our country is more divided know than it has been since the civil war. Our Governmnet has failed to work for the people. The government now works for the special interests and feels beholden only to the party. Race relations have been set back 150 years. The constitution has been discarded and trampled upon. The economy is in tatters and the government can't bridge the disparate views. We have the pro growth pro business right versus the Pro public pro government left. No more moderates whatsoever they have been gerrymandered out of existence. The census map redrawing has ensured that the districts save the parties. Sure they lines sometimes back fire but people like Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have almost zero chance of ever being removed without major scandals. They can both be as polarizing as they want because they almost can't lose their seats. Neither has to worry about really representing their constituents or doing what is right for the country. Both can be uncompromising and neither has to budge.

We need a government that works and I can assure everyone that our government is broken. I would feel more comfortable with a total unknown for President than any of the politicians or celebrities. The personalities in charge of our country are not from the people. They have power and influence. Many are rich and don't really understand what we are going through on mainstreet. Sure both parties will use anecdotal evidence to support their myoptic view but they just don't get it. They can talk to the people all they want but unless the politicians are forced to walk in our shoes they will never know.

The OWS crowd is busy blaming wall street for their woes. The OWS people want wall street to give them something for doing absolutely nothing. I say they are frustrated and know something is wrong. We all need to come together and take our country back. Obama is a clueless bafoon from the other side of the tracks. The Republican candidates are all from the other side of the tracks. Why not forget about the career politicians that have become household nmaes. Instead of protesting Wall Street lets protest those that empowered wall street. We need to be protesting Washington.

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