Friday, October 14, 2011

Choose Carefully

It's primary season and the one thing everyone must remember is to chose their candidate carefully. The Republican party has many candidates and the media would like to make the choice for the voters. The media is busy pushing the meme that Romney is in the lead or the presumptive nominee. Be very careful of who the media pushes for the nomination. Republicans need to make their own choice.

I'm not saying Romney shouldn't be the nomination. Maybe he is the best choice. Romney has the business experience and executive experience the current President lacks. Romney does have an economic plan that is specific and detailed. Romney may not be the choice of social conservatives but he does have appeal to the fiscal conservatives. Romney is not my first choice and I do not plan on voting for him in the primary but if he is the nominee chosen by the Republicans and not the media than will support.

I would like to see the candidates stop attacking each other. The country is a mess. The liberal left is busy supporting those that would love to see our country go down the path to socialism. Attack the President and attack the left but don't forget to put forth your plans to fix the economy and our standing around the world. I will amke my choices based upon what the candidates place forward as a plan. I don't want finger pointing. I don't want to make a choice as the lesser of evils. I don't want to support the candidate that the media props up only to be destroyed in the general.

Lets make a choice based upon the best ideas, not the best attacks. I don't want the perfect candidate I want a leader and a visionary. I want a plan and I want to make my choice not have the media make it for me. Watch the media for whom they are portraying as the leader at any given time right now is the candidate they think stands the best chance to lose against Obama. The media is not the Republicans friend. The media is the enemy of this country as much as the liberal left. It is the media stoking the flames of revolution with their sickening talk. It is the likes of Jesse Jackson Jr and Chris Matthews fueling the hatred for our country. The something for nothing crowd is supported by the left wing of our country. The same left wing that supports class warfare. The same left wing that supports the communist party and the communist labor union leaders.

Let there be no doubt that I will support the Republican nominee no matter who it becomes. I will do it gleefully because I want this country to be great again. The left is busy destroying everything America stands for while we attack each other. It is time to stop sniping at each and rise above the fray. The candidate with the best plan that avoids attacking a fellow Republican prospect will receive my vote regardless of who the media tells me to vote for. In the end the entire nase must turn out regardless. We must vote the left down so that our country may prosper again, our children are depending on us.

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