Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buying Votes

Really? Obama is busy running around the country in an attempt to purchase votes. I think we have found exactly what the President is good at. Obama sems to be pretty good with three word slogans. "Yes we can", Winning the future", Pass this bill, we can't wait, and one other thing; spend other peoples money buying the votes of jkey constituencies.

Remember the woman that said she was happy to vote for Obama because he would pay her mortgage? Well he certainly has attempted to force banks to allow deadbeats stay in houses they can not afford. Now here is another example of how Obama tries to spend on a key constituency; he wants to forgive student loans. One thing we as a country should not do is allow people to go back on their word. No one forced these students to take out the loans. The students are fully aware that these are loans that must be repaid. Maybe instead of making me pay for other people's education the President should unilaterally force the schools to reduce their fees? Instead fees for schools has risen at an alarming rate under Obama. Pay more and debt forgiveness are a recipe for disaster.

This is how Obama buys votes. The universities love being able to raise rates on students. Now the students just have to wink an nod to get the loans paid off. The liberal universities get to keep more of the tax payer monies and the students get an indoctrination to the socialist lifestyle. Obama is teaching life lessons like "don't worry about your word, we will forgive" or how about "its not your fault" or the evil wall street can pay for everything the deadbeats want and desire.

I must wonder who is being greedy? Is it really wall street? You know the ones that bet their own money on the future? You know the investors that keep the economoy running. Or is it the liberal's that are greedy. Envious of the wall street money, feeling entitled to the same stuff as those that take risks. This is not about fairness but rather a jealous rage of the greedy deadbeats who always want something for nothing. Come on luiberals get some skin in the game. Stop being envious of others. The grass is not usually greener on the other side and your policies will necessarily lead to the destruction of wealth and the fall of a nation. All Obama is doing is buying votes. Lets face it Newtons classical laws fit the bill here: trickle up economics can't possibly ever work. Can't go against gravity you know, just ask Newton.

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