Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America Needs Newt

America is facing dire circumstances and we need a President that understands how to get things done in Washington and understands what is meant by "We the People". In my opinion the best candidate is Newt. Newt is the only candidate that has avoided outright attacks on other potential nominees. Newt is the one that is constantly pointing out the liberal bent displayed by the insulting media at the debates. It is Newt that has the potential to destroy Obama in eloquence, substance and style in the Presidential debates. It is Newt that is the true conservative.

We all know Mitt Romney. He represents the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. He is the establishment pick because "its his turn". He is a northeast republican that may have good business sense but lousy conservative ideals. Romney reminds me of the used car salesman that will tell me anything to close the deal. He instituted healthcare for all in MA and it is a miserable failure. Rather than admit his mistake, Romney believes in it. Romney is a wall street insider that will be exploited in the general. There is enough angst in the country regarding the economy without placing a wall street professional in charge of the economy. The wall street occupiers would have a field day. The media is busy all but annoiting Mitt as the nominee. They are salivating at the opportunity to destroy him in the general by allowing Obama to become a populist by exploiting Mitt's wall street insider status.

Cain is an unknown. I'm not sure he is ready to be president. 9-9-9 sounds great as a slogan but it doesn't resonate as a strong path the economic freedom. The plan consist of a National Sales tax that the American left will continually exploit. It is the left that can't tighten their belts and always want to increase taxes. The Dems will always use the "just a .5% increase in the sales tax will allow another child to live the dream of having a free education" line or some other save grandma or the poor line. We will never reduce the deficit in this manner. We need to balance the budget in the first term of the next President. I am tired of candidates always going out into the next election before they can balance a budget. It used to be a five year plan no it is becoming a ten year plan. Cain does have an intriguing story; one of rags to riches. The issue I have is he seems a little over his head and that is one of my main complaints against Obama. Cain may be a good candidate for the VP slot or at least a cabinet post like treasury.

Perry seems like another slick willy. I don't trust him. He comes across as a cowboy with the "aw shucks" charm. Texas is a large state and Perry has done a great job running it. I'm sure Perry is conservative but I am turned off by the birth certificate issue. I'm tired of that controversy. Sure, I believe Obama is hiding something, I don't know what but at this point it doesn't matter. Obama has a record of failure over the last 3 years. Exploit the failures we know instead of the skeletons we don't. I don't care about his Harvard grades; his failures in leadership, his failures in policy, and his failures in the economy tell me all I need to know. Obama is a failure that just isn't too smart. Sure he may be able to fool people with big ambiguous words but there is no substance behind the words. So once Perry went along those lines, I lost a lot of faith. I like his new tax policy but frankly it appears he took a page from Newt, who is proposing something similar.

Paul is just to much out of mainstream America. I agree with him on some views but his isolationist policies will ruin America. We are the worlds super power. If we pull back, some one new will take up that mantle. I have pride in my country, why would I want some other country to lead?

Newt is a conservative. Newt engineered the Congressional takeover in 1994. Newt understnads what it takes to win a debate and get things through a hostile foe. Obama is busy dismantling the contract with America. Newt can bring that back and balance the budget yet again. It was Newt's budget that brought us near solvency. While the Republicans took a major hit on shutting the government down under Newt's watch but it did lead to welfare reform and balanced budgets.

Our country is at the precipice. We need a leader that bring us back to prosperity. Newt's tax reform plan will bring money into the government cofers. I believe the reason Newt is receiving better or more press is because he truly is the candidate in this race the Democrats fear the most.

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