Monday, September 12, 2011

Typical Obama: More Taxes; More Spending

Obama is nothing but a used car salesman. His story never changes, all we get is more of the same. Obama started with a simple jobs bill with bipartisan goodies that would appeal to both sides. Then just before he submits a plan for jobs he poisons it by saying it is paid for. Really? Then Obama has the audacity to take the low hanging fruit by raising the taxes he has harped on since 2007. Now Obama knows full well that the super comittee almost certainly would have discussed this low hanging fruit during their talks for raising the debt ceiling. Obama rather than wait for that commission decides to play political games by taking those "revenue enhancements" not to pay for reducing debt, nope instead Obama uses the low hanging fruit to pay for even more spending.

This is very typical of Democrats in general and Obama specifically. Instead of placing the jobless in front of the line, Obama places his party and politics in the front. If this is Obama's plan to pay for this jobs bill then Republicans must go their own way and pass their own jobs bills and send it to the Senate. Obama just made sure that his bill couldn't pass, so now is the time to make the Senate Democrats pay for Obama's partisan gamesmanship. Take Obama's bill and strip it of everything that won't make a dent in unemployment (like extending unemployment benefits that only keeps unemployment where it currently stands as it is already in place) and union friendly additional training funds for the union unemployed (Maybe union leaders should have already negotiated this or used their millions upon millions of campaign contributions on training) and send it to the Senate. The DEMs in the senate will reject or ignore the house bill and Obama will then have no one to blame but himself and his fellow Democrats in the Senate. I told everyone in earlier posts that raising taxes would only be spent rather than used to pay down the deficit. More of the same, Tax more, spend more.

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Anonymous said...

The Lizard is back! Well we'll just see how the Pathetic Pawns react to all of this madness. I can't wait to hear Paul Krugman explain how this will actually lower the deficit.