Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tax More Spend More

Gov Martin O'Malley from Maryland is pus an increase of another .12 cents to price of a gallon of gasoline. The push is because the transportation fund is depleted and the roads are in a state of disrepair. O'Malley says businesses like this tax but the people hate it.

Now I would agree a tax increase may be necessary to keep the transportation infrastructure operating smoothly. We need roads and we need them to be in a constant state of good repair. The problem though is that the liberals spent the transportation fund on other programs. Programs that have nothing to do with transportation but rather liberal programs designed to buy the votes of the poor. So the Governor and other Democrats depleted the fund for their pet projects and now they need to raise taxes on gasoline to pay for the repair of the roads.

This is the liberal point of view on taxes. Taxes can continually be raised. Run out of tax dollars, then raise them. This tax increase proposal in Maryland is ridiculous. Listen to what the governor is saying, look we depleted the transportation fund to pay for social welfare, now our roads are falling apart, so we need more fuel taxes to pay for the road.

This is the same thing that always happens with our tax dollars. The democrats and liberals constantly clamor that we need to raise taxes to pay for something specific like education or transportation or even deficit reduction, then after the taxes are increased even more money is spent on other social programs and we still don't get the specific spending that was sold to us as the reason for the increased taxes.

The politicians understand what we want out of our government. The politicians than starve that program knowing they will be enabled to come back to the well for more. Take in $100 dollars specifically for transportation and the politicians will siphon of .60 cents for other vote getting projects and come back later and claim they need more money to pay for the roads. The tax payer that uses the roads knows they are falling apart and will clamor for them to be fixed. Miraculously the taxes get increased and the roads still don't get fixed. This is the liberal trap. There will never be enough taxes going to our government. The more money they take in the more money the politicians will waste on keeping their power over the people.

The American people must stand up and demand our overfed government gets the deficits in order by reducing spending period. We can not give into any type of tax increase. Tax increases will only get wasted on social welfare and soon the government will be back telling us they need more.

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