Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bail Out Worked? Come EJ Get Real

I was in shock when I read the latest OP-ED penned by EJ Dionne. I always knew him and his ilk were sycophants for the President but this mind less drivel penned by Mr. Dionne is just more proof that the media is nothing more than a pathetic pawn of the liberal left. Mr. Dionne uses the bailout of GM as his one shining example of how the government bailouts worked. Of course he whines that this economy busting president isn't getting any credit but if the propaganda machine would just take a step back and do a reality check they would understand why the America public was against and still are against the government bailouts.

No where in the piece does Mr. Dionne mention Chrysler. I wonder why? All he does is heap praise on GM for turning a $3.2 billion profit as Americans go about searching for more energy efficient vehicles. No where does Mr. Dionne mention that this administrations policies have forced gasoline prices to almost double since Obama took office. No wonder Americans are buying fuel efficient cars there aren't many Americans that can afford $4.00 for a gallon of gas. No where does Mr. Dione mention that Americans are turning to GM because Japanese automakers were crippled by a Tsunami followed by a nuclear crisis. Nope all Mr. Dionne does is heap praise on the government bailouts. Do you think Mr. Dionne would dare mention that unemployment is still at 9.0%? How about the year over year decline of 8% in the value of our homes? How about the 28% of mortgages that are underwater? How about the 1.8% GDP last quarter? How about Fannie Mae requesting another $8 billion in bailout dollars ust to remain solvent? Nope nothing of this news in Mr. Dionne's report. Just picks one example that on the surface appears to be a bailout that worked. But even if Mr. Dionne had peeled the onion back just a little he would be able to see that GM is the beneficiary of natural disasters striking their main competitors and the economy destroying policies of the administration he is trying to heap praise upon. Come on EJ get real the bailouts failed and for the most part so has this administration.

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