Thursday, April 28, 2011

Racism: Obama's 2012 Campaign Theme

The pathetic pawns in the media have decided on the theme to push during the 2012 Presidenttial campaign. One would like to believe that the media would be pushing an incumbents record. However, the media has chosen to push the theme of rcism instead.

WHoopi Goldberg and Tavis Smiley are busy pushing the idea that the 2012 Presidential race will be all about racism. Goldberg decided yesterday that she was going to be playing the race card. Instead of pushing the stagnant economy, high gasoline prices, Mideast turbulence, unpopular Obamacare, and a loss of world wide prestige, these race mongerers have decided that Obama's record won't be able to keep him in office another term. These two have decided that no matter how unpopular Obama's policies that it couldn't possibly be his incompetence but rather it must be race. It doesn't matter to them that America elected overcame racism and voted Obama in office once, no if he doesn't get elected again then race must be the reason.

The rest of the media is jumping on the birth certificate controversy as being motivated by race also. To the media why would anyone be asking for Obama's birth certificate if it was anything other than because of his race? It couldn't be that Obama felt he was above the law and didn't have to provide proof of meeting constitutional requirements. It couldn't have been motivated by the lack of transparancy on Obama's part. It couldn't possibly be due to the media not properly vetting their candidate of choice. It couldn't possibly be Obama's disdain for the American public. No it has to be because of racism. Of course little does the media offer the other side of the story, e=which is that John McCain had to go to court to receive a ruling on his constitutional eligibility. No the media uses phrases like "vaguely written natural born citizen" clause.

The bottom line here is the media understands that Obama does not have a record to run on. The economy is expected to grow very little this year into next. The unemployment rate is likely to remain high. Obama's signature piece of legislation is as unpopular as it has ever been. The tea party is a true grassroots American effort to clean up government while the left can only astroturf and send in professional activists to fake being grassroots efforts. The left is in decline and progressive (read liberal left)ideas are being tossed to the curb in favor of reducing the size of government. America is in debt over her head and the economy is sputtering along. Anemic growth is the key word surrounding the economy and Obama couldn't possibly keep blaming Bush for what ails the country. Obama can't run on foreign policy as his incoherent policy has led to civil unrest across the Middleeast. Obama has a bad record so the pathetic pawns have to use the race card in order to attempt to shame America into voting an incompetent President into another term.

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