Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama The Unserious

America is a the path of self destruction. Our entitlement programs will break this country and send it into insolvency. Social security is running yearly deficits and the Democrats have the nerve to say Social Security is not adding to the debt. Medicare and medicade costs are rising and we have no way to stop the increasing costs. The Baby boomers are retiring and will be for the next 20 years. The deficits we are running are unsustainable and can not be eliminated by raising taxes and cutting fluff from the budget.

The President clims the Republican plan will hurt America, yet he has no plan accept to disguise a tax increase as a IRS spending reduction. Obama bashes the rich and intends on raising their taxes. We as Americans know Obama intends on raising taxes that is nothing knew. Obama wants to rid the IRS of those nasty tax deductions that the middle class uses to reduce their tax bill. Obama calls this a IRS spending reduction as if all the American dollars are the government's to dole out. No wonder the fringe right wants to go back to a gold standard or a bartering system. At least then what merchants received for products and services would be something tangible rather than a piece of paper that government believes is rightfully theirs and theirs alone.

Obama asked a rhetorical question the other day "do they think we're stupid". This was in response the the Republicans and their budget maneuvering. I must ask the same question but aimed at Obama "Does he think the American people are stupid?" The answer of course is yes. Obama as all liberal elite believe they are smarter than Americans and believe that only they know what is best. The left always talks about fairness but they do not believe in fairness just wealth redistribution. They always point out that the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer. But they only look at from the perspective of their base. They never ask if it is fair to take from hard working Americans to give to the lazy Americans. The liberals believe they create fairness by taking from one and giving to the other. What they should be looking at is leveling the playing field and providing opportunity. Weed out the undeserving and let them flounder and give only to those the need a helping hand.

That is what welfare reform in the 1990's was all about. Instead of rewarding irresponsible and lazy behavior the Republicans demanded accountability. It was the Republicans that limited the number of years people were eligible and forced people to help themselves. The liberals just wanted endless gifts going to the welfare queens because they could always point to someone that was unfortunate and needed some assistance. The intent of course is not really to help the needy but rather to make the poor dependent on government. Liberal programs are designed to keep the poor people dependent on government so that they will continue to vote for them. There is not one example of a liberal program that was meant to level the playing field and making people less dependent on government. Every liberal program is designed to make people more dependent on them for existence.

The problem is that liberal governments eventually run out of other people's money to spend. It happened in Communist Russia, it happened in Greece, it happened in Ireland, it happened in Portugal, and it looks like it will happen to Spain in the very near future. None of these big government, government knows best, liberal government feel good economies ever thrived. They all failed and all will always fail.

Obama and the Democrats need to get serious with the budget. We can't balance our budget with taxes on the rich. We can't balance our budget on entitlement programs alone, we can't balance our budget on discretionary spending. We have to balance out spending reductions with responsible taxes. The Republicans have a plan that reduces spending by $4.4 trillion over the next 10 years. The spending reductions must come before any tax increases. The Democrats have always proved to be irresponsible. Just look at the Social Security lock box. Social Security was fixed with tax increases for the program. The problem is that the Democrats just increased their spending and replaced the money in the lock box with government IOU's. As long as money flows into the IRS cofers the left will spend it. Obama and the left need to get serious and actually make cuts in spending. Funny how the economy has been going in reverse since 2007 and even Social Security recipients are not receiving cost of living adjustments yet the budget spending just keeps increasing. Seems to me if inflation is low and there is no increase in the cost of living that government spending would not have to increase to keep up. So Mr. President, Why can't America stay at 2008 style budgets without the stimulus? Why can't we have a 2 trillion budget instead of a 3.6 trillion budget? Why can't the budget be balanced and balanced by the end of FY 2012. Unlike CNN I don't believe budget cuts are draconian, I think they are necessary and prudent.

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