Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Effectiveness Not Popularity Should Be The Driver

A government program has to be measured by its effectiveness and not its popularity. America is facing a slow and agonizing death spiral due to out of control spending and a government bent on power rather than service. A politician measures government programs by popularity. A politiican requires votes in order to stay in office and therein lies the problem. Politicians will refuse to cut entitlement spending out of fear of losing their office.

The liberalsand democrats along with their willing propagandists in the media are busy scaring the nations seniors and conjuring up images starvation amongst the children. To the left every government program is necessary and couldn't possibly be on the hook for budget cuts. Instead the American left pushes tax increases on the so called rich. Tax increases the left knows full well can't possibly cover the deficits even if they taxed the rich at 100%. The left pushes the increased taxation because they say the programs like Social Security, medicare, and medicade are "popular" with the American public. Well Dah! Anytime something is given to people it is popular.

Imagine the outrage that would be caused if as an individual I "gave" a friend $100 every year, that I didn't really have so I had to take a loan out. I knew I couldn't afford to give away the $100 but it was necessary to keep the friendship going. Now as the loan interest and principal became due, I needed to borrow even more money just to pay the interest. I had to borrow the $100 every year adding to my principal and thereby increasing my interest payments. After a few years I realize that I can't afford to continue paying so I approach my friend. I explain that I can't possible afford to be so generous any longer. What do you think is going to happen? Of course it is popular with my friend when I give him $100. Of course it is going to be tough on our friendship. See my friend will have become dependent on the payoff and it will have become an additional form of necessary income. To my friend I am now causing a hardship. To me this was always a hardship. It didn't matter that it was inefficient to my friend. My firend wouldn't care that it took $150 from me in order to give him $100. To my friend it is an entitlement, something that was taken for granted. This is the same thing that has been going on with our entitlement programs for years within our government.

The mantra is that these programs are popular. The mantra is that someone will get hurt if they don't keep receiving the entitlement. This was the same way Obama and the media pawns sold the cash for clunkers program. Of course it was wildly popular. Imagine receiving 4,5, or 10 times the money a car is worth just getting rid of it. Wouldn't anyone considering a new car be all for turning in a near worthless vehicle for many times its actual worth just for buying something newer? Of course the program was popular with those that participated. That of course does not make the program efficient or even worth while. In the long run this program did more harm to the market forces than it did good. Now we have a shortage of used vehicles which of course increases prices because demand outpaces supply.

Until America elects a political class that is only in politics to serve the public rather than themselves will we be saved. We need politiicans that will make the tough decisions at the risk of losing their public offices. For while the political class takes public service as a career rather than a service we are doomed to a future of high det, high interest, and high inflation. We need to reform our entitlement programs not enact new entitlement programs. We need government programs that are efficient rather than bureaucratic. A government program should be measured by its effectiveness and not its popularity.

I am not adverse to cutting defense budgets. I am not against increasing taxes on the more affluent. What I am against is inaction by the politiicans. I am against a career politician fear mongering so as to make politics a career. I am against increasing taxes simply because it is popular. I am against lying elitists that claim "if only we raised taxes on the wealthy all will be OK."

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