Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Americans Won The Budget Battle

Last Friday the House, Senate, and the President came together and tentatively approved a Continuing Resolution to fund the government through FY 2011. Now the Republicnas won this battle and obtained around $38 billion in cuts. The Republicans are claiming victory. I believe the American people are the victors in this first battle. The Democrats and the media propaganda machine are claiming these miniscule cuts to be draconian in nature.

I read an OP-Ed by Eugene Robinson today that really irked me. From his perspective cutting 38 billion dollars from a 1.37 trillion bidget hinders the government from providing for the general welfare of the Republic. Think about it in smpler terms. This is the equivalent of cutting 38 dollars from a 1,370 dollar butget. It is hardly noticeable. This $38 billion dollar cut doesn't even cover our debt spending for one month. Media pawns like Robinson believe this is an impossible cut. They write OP-Ed claiming the government has no room whatsoever to reduce spending.

Please explain how deficit spending is good for the general welfare of the country? The general welfare of the country to me means that a majority of the country is able to produce and be successful participants in the community as a whole. To me the general welfare is not the same as everyone's welfare. That is the problem with the liberal logic. To them general welfare means that everyone is provided for by the government. To liberals the government exists to take all of the spoils and dish out to their voters. Take from the rich, that is the rallying cry from liberals. Funny how the liberals look to an inefficient government rather than more efficient charitable organizations. The liberals give very little to charity and see government as the only vehicle to provide. The return on government spending is miniscule. Sure the Government social programs are popular. Who doesn't like to receive free gifts?

I do believe there needs to be safety nets. Govenrment should be enabled to provide a helping hand. However, enabling our government to take over our lives goes against everything America was founded upon. We are the land of freedoms and are the envy of the world because of it. We do provide a safety net for the less fortunate but the government should not be in the business of promoting social welfare for all. Let there be no doubt Americans won this first budget battle. Americasn need to continue fighting the liberal establishment. We need a government that is looking out for the general welfare of the country and not the general welfare of the few.

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