Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin: Vote Early and Often

LAst week Wisconsin passed by a vote of 18-1 legislation that would curb some of the bankrupting power the Wisconsin public unions currently have. The vote was done in the abscence of Democrats solely because rather than debate the Democrats were cowards and ran away. When the propaganda failed and the Republicans stripped the budget restrainst from the bill so it could be passed without a qourum the Democrats took the law to the courts. The fake Democratic senators than returned home. So now the Democrats are in Wisconsin. So why not pass the original bill now?

Yes my friends the Wisconsin legislation should pass the entire law now including the budget items. Why one might ask? Well because whent the democrats lost they took it to the courts and a judge has placed a temporary restrianing order in effect that will delay the implementation of the law. Walker should immediately call the state troopers and detain the Democrats from the senate. In the mean time, place the original bill back up for a vote. A qourum would then be present, the republicans could again pass the legislation, and the restraining order would be null and void. Make the Democrats vote early and often. Who cares if the democrats whine. They failed to stop the bill once, now they are powerless to stop it again. Put it on the table and make them vote. It is time that the people are heard. The unions lost this fight, they should move along. Someone please tell me why the Democrats keep getting away with running away from their responsibilities.

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