Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Are We At War With Libya?

With every passing day since Obama opened another war front by unilaterally attacking a sovereign State in the Islamic world it becomes more and more obvious that his war of choice was nothing more than an attack to get the minds of the American public off the ineptness surrounding the Japan Earthquake and our budget worries. Obama has yet to explain to the American people why he felt it necessary for America to go to war. It has been 7 days and Obama still hasn't sought out Congressional approval. Obama has some explaining to do especially after his SecDef and SecState both interviewed poorly today. In fact it wasn't that they interviewed poorly its the fact that neither knows why we are at war with Libya in the first place. After the interviews with Clinton and Gates, I came away understanding that Obama decided our military lives are political pawns for him to push around the board. To Obama our military members are not real, nope to Obama the military are pieces on some board game for him to push around.

Need proof that Obama disrespects our military? How about SEC Gates saying we have no vital interest in Libya. That's right according to Obama's Secretary of Defense we have no National Security reason to have attacked Libya. This was followed up by Hillary Clinton chiming in with a snippet declaring that while it may not have been in the US best interest it was a national security issue for France, Great Britain, and Italy. Clinton went as far as to say that because NATO helped us after we were attacked for some reason we should be honor bound to pay back NATO countries whenever they decide they want to attack a country that attacked no other country.

Obama must be held accountable for taking this country to war when there was no vital National Security issue at stake. We as Americans have to demand that Obama stop using our military as political pawns for the rest of the world to abuse. Where is the anti war zealots? Why are they not protesting this war? This war is a war of choice that serves no vital interest for the United States. No NATO member was attacked so we owe NATO nothing as far as Libya goes. Obama allowed the French (who want the oil contracts)take the lead and forge a National Security resolution. Obama happily donated our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines to the UN. Our soldiers are in harms way because Obama abdicated his Commandeer in Chief duties to the United Nations. Obama's senior leaders admit we had no real reason to go to war. Obama has failed to make his case to the American people. Obama needs to answer the Question as to why we are at war with Libya. Obama needs to quite trying to find the right phrasing that will make Americans feel better about his feeble and non existent leadership. Bottom Line is Obama took this country to war for no apparent reason.

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