Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Must Cut Spending First

Today over at the Washington Post, Greg Sargent, (Plum Line)peened a piece claiming the Post poll internals show they agree with the Democrats more than the Republicans on the budget deficit, but then says we as Americans are too stupid to realize it. The first internal number Sargent uses is:

A big majority, 64 percent, thinks the best way to reduce the federal budget deficit is through a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes, while only 31 percent think the best way is through only spending cuts. The former position is the one held by most Dems, while the latter is the one held by many Republicans.

The problem is that he is wrong. Most Democrats believe in raising taxes first and most Republicans believe in cutting spending first. The poll clearly shows that Americans understand better than the elitist journalists that it will require a combination of both raising taxes and cutting spending. The question is what to do first. Do we raise taxes first or do we cut spending first? One thing is clear; our national budget is full of wasteful spending. The fat from the budget must be cut first. I'm sorry but the public should not be borrowing money so that we can fund "Cowboy Poet" festivals. We should not be borrowing money so that we can fund NPR and PBS, especially when both only push one side of the ideological chasm. When NPR and PBS made the conscious decision to go all in with the Democratic party they should have been cut off from public spending. We shouldn't be funding planned parenthood with borrowed dollars either. Sure abortions are legal in this country, but just because they are legal doesn't mean that the public at large should be paying for them, especially on borrowed dollars. There is no doubt that between the National Security team there are duplicitous efforts. Just a couple of weeks ago the OPM said the government spent $200 billion on duplicate efforts across the government agencies. The is spending that could be saved from the defense budget, there is spending cuts that could in the Departments of Education and Energy. We could reform medicare, medicade, and social security. There are many areas in which spending could be reduced without sacrificing government programs for the elderly and the underprivileged.

We need to cut the fat from the budget. Prove to Americans that the government in sincere in its efforts to balance the budget and reduce the National deficits. Once the fat is trimmed and Americans understand that what is left is spending that should take place in order for the government to provide necessary programs for the American people. Once the spending is cut and the government is leaned then maybe raising taxes to finish the job of balancing the budget would become palatable. This is what most people would want. This is how Americans balance their own books. Once an American get into financial trouble the first thing is to cut spending, the last resort is find another job.

If democrats get their way taxes would be increased and spending would never be cut. Just look at widening highways. The thought is if we widen the highway traffic will be reduced. The problem is that all that happens in the long run is traffic becomes worse as more people are drawn to the new wide road. Traffic will fill the empty void produced by the wider highway. The same thing with the budget. Once revenue is increased through taxes and the deficit doesn't seem so bad the cuts will never come. Additional spending will come to take up the slack of the additional revenue. Raising taxes does nothing accept allow our government to have a bigger appetite. We can see this everyday. As people take new jobs making more money what happens? These people find new ways to spend the extra income. Their appetite for bigger things consumes their additional income in a very short time.

Yes I am sure the American people understand that we will not be able to cut enough spending to balance the budget. Raising taxes is an almost certainty but we have to cut the fat first or we will the deficits will forever increase until America succumbs to the weight of the debt burden we are passing on to the next generation. Sorry, Greg but Democrats are not for a combination of reducing spending and tax cuts. The Democrats are only for raising taxes. Just remember the Democrats didn't even pass a budget last year. Just remember the Democrats in the senate don't even have a plan to pass a budget. Just remember the President has been to busy on the links to be worried about the budget. The Democrats have to get serious about the deficit. The democrats must come to grips with reality and find the wasteful spending first.

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