Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama's Leadership Void

President Obama has no ability to lead what so ever. Obama flip flopped daily on the Egyptian anti government rallies, came in too late to be effective in the Libyan revolution, entered the Wisconsin fray only to retreat and claim he wasn't involved, and has nothing to say when it comes to reducing the budget. The AP would like everyone to believe that is because Obama is "Above the Fray", the real deal is Obama is in over his head.

All Obama knows is how to throw money at a problem. Early in 2009, Obama signed a stimulus bill that came in at almost $1 trillion dollars. Later Obama attempted to tackle Health care. Instead we now have a law that almost 60% of the country is against. The health care bill enacted came in at almost another $1 trillion dollars. The Obama moved on to providing over 1000 waivers to his friends. The unconstitutional health care bill certainly costs us money the US doesn't have and can't produce even close to the results predicted by Obama. We still have 8.9% unemployment and that is after the Bureau of labor statistics fudged the numbers to make it appear the rate was really decreasing, when in fat the jobs picture is bleak at best, with more people having left the job market under Obama than obtained a job. So what do have to show for our free spending President?

Of course the pathetic pawns in the media will continue carrying Obama's water. See they have to, because if Obama fails the media will be exposed as the liberal propagandists and liars they have become. The fact of the matter is Obama did enter Wisconsin and helped organize the protests through his campaign fund "Organizing for America" in coordination with the DNC. Obama did enter into the Egypt affair only to flip flop and go back and forth. There never really was any true leadership, only fence sitting hoping to jump on which ever side the chips fell. Obama is also sitting the sidelines in the Libyan nightmare. Obama couldn't even condemn Ghaddafy without going to the UN first. Obama says he met the Republicans half way in budget cuts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans came up with$61 billion in cuts. Obama offered the status qou. The compromise comes in around $6 billion. Let me tell you when I went to school half of 61 was not 6.

The bottom line here is Obama is not a leader. He is a political campaigner. That is all he does. Obama deferred leadership on the stimulus and health care to Pelosi and Reid. Obama deferred leadership on Libya to the UN. Obama deferred leadership on Wisconsin to OFA, the DNC, and the AFL-CIO. Obama deferred leadership on the new "civility" to the media. Obama deferred leadership on the budget to Reid yet again. Obama doesn't want to lead because leading is tough. Obama may be on the wrong side of history were he actually try to lead. The problem is Obama is a coward that would rather lead China then lead the US. Obama is a narcissist that couldn't handle actual failure. His administration has been a failure as evidenced by the need to hire a cabinet czar. Yet all Obama can do is blame others for his failures or complain he isn't getting enough credit for what little is going right. Sorry AP but Obama is not above the fray, he is in over his head.

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