Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obama Abdicates The Presidency

Last week Obama abdicated the Presidency. Rather than lead and make decisions Obama allowed the United Nations to force the United States into a war of choice. Many propagandists from the media have again come to the defense of our feeble and inept President. Reuters claimed falsely that Obama built a coalition unlike his predecessor. Andrea Mitchell claimed Obama did a remarkable job placing the coalition together. The pathetic pawns are calling Obama a multilateralist. Some of the pathetic pawns are claiming Obama has a slow steady leadership style and that is why it took so long to go to war with Libya. The problem is that Obama didn't create the coalition, Obama didn't lead, and Obama took America to war without even consulting the America people.

Obama calls this a humanitarian action. Yet it is a civil war between Qaddafi and a rebel force. The President has made the claim that he is backing the people of Libya against a tyrant. Supposedly we are aiding the civilian populous. However, it seems that we are backing Al-Qaeda. The rebels are backed by the very same terrorist organization that attacked America less than a decade ago. We are not protecting the populous. We are protecting a rebel fighting force. Enforcing a no fly zone is not the same as not allowing Libya to control its borders. We are not allowing the Libyan government to defend itself. Now Obama the weak is desperately attempting to get some other country of organization to take the lead. That is typical of this President. Let someone else take the lead. If the war goes well Obama will come back and take the credit. If the war fails then Obama will say it was someone else that failed. Are there reasons for us to be at war? I would think that yes, Qaddafi using planes and tanks against unarmed people may be a reason. The problem is that when the riots first started Obama sat on the sidelines so long that now the uprising is no longer a popular uprising but rather a armed conflict between gaddafi loyalist and Al-qaeda backed rebels. The bottom line here is that no matter what happens this an not turn out well for the United States.

About that infamous coalition the media says Obama created, let me be straight and say Obama didn't create this coalition. That's right, Obama was disengaged and allowed the French to put together the coalition. The current coalition is much smaller than the one President Bush put together for Iraq. President Bush took a leadership role. President Bush made decisions. Obama allowed the French and Great Britain put together a much smaller coalition. Obama allowed the United Nations to make decisions. Obama allowed Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Samantha Power to negotiate the war plan. Obama took our country to war without a plan. The commanders in the field have said they are confused about what the objectives are. Obama provided no direction whatsoever. So please Andrea explain how this is so remarkable? I think it is remarkable in one way and that is Obama took us to war at the behest of the United Nations. I think it is remarkable that Obama is unwilling to even call this a war when in fact he ordered our planes to attack the Governmental Fores of Libya. I find it remarkable that Obama has abdicated the Presidency to the united Nations. Finally Reuters please get real. This coalition is smaller than Bush's for Iraq and your outright lies that Obama took so long because he searched for a coalition unlike Bush tell a story about your propaganda machine.

It sounds like the President is finally getting around to talking to the American people. Supposedly on Monday the American President will offer his wisdom on why we are at war. I presume he had to have time to write a flowery speech so he sounds "pragmatic" in his indecisive decision making. Nine days after he started a war of choice, Obama is throwing out a morsel to the poor folk. Please Obama save us the platitudes and just tell us why in the world you abdicated American leadership to the most useless organization on Earth? America is a leader and we should never be subjected to the United Nations.


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